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New Teacher Induction

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PLNU is proud to offer graduate-level credit for your participation as a new teacher in a qualifying Induction program or in a support role of new and pre-service teachers. A reduced fee of $75 per unit is provided for this graduate credit, applicable to a PLNU Master’s degree.

Qualifying Candidates

  1. Credentialed Beginning Teachers working in a school district may earn 3 credits per year for completion of one or two years of a CTC-approved Beginning Teacher Induction Program satisfied through an approved School District or County Office of Education.
  2. Induction Mentors and Clinical Practice Master Teachers may earn a total of 3 credits for the CTC-required training and subsequent supervised service to a pre-service or beginning teacher. 

*Induction credit is dependent on an MOU agreement between the university and your district. Please verify with your human resources department an MOU exists before registering for induction credit. 

*Salary advancement based on university credit must always be approved by the school district and should not be assumed. Please verify before you purchase.


Qualifying Service (Must have been completed within three (3) years of the request for units.)

  1. Successful completion of at least one academic year of Induction as a beginning teacher (3 credits per year of participation, 6 credits maximum).
  2. Training for, and at least one year of service as, a Support Provider/Mentor to a teacher in Induction or other formal mentoring program established at the district/school (3 credits maximum) as verified by the district served. 
  3. Training for, and at least eight weeks of service as, a Master Teacher/Guide Teacher to a pre-service teacher (3 credits maximum), verified by the university served.

Sending Evidence of Completion:

Mission Valley Students: Send in one email with the following evidence to, with the subject line “last name, first name, type of credit, date” (Ex: John Doe Master Teacher 1.15.18). Be sure to include proof of payment. 

Bakersfield Students: Send in one email with the following evidence to Carolyn Hart,, with the subject line “last name, first name, type of credit, date” (Ex: John Doe Master Teacher 1.15.18). Be sure to include proof of payment. 

  • Induction Teachers — a copy of the candidate’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and official certificate or letter of successful completion on district letterhead.
  • Support Providers — a copy of your Beginning Teacher’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and a written reflection of the specific improvements you saw in your beginning teacher’s practice.​
  • ​​​​​​Master Teachers — a copy of your Master Teacher training certificate, and verification of your completed service on university letterhead.

Online Registration

Registration must occur 3 units at a time. If you have evidence of completion of two years of induction, and therefore can earn 6 units of credit, you will register twice for 3 units each.

Register Online

*Note:  The date on the induction/clinical practice placement event reflects the last day that you can register for credit in that semester.  After that date, you would need to register for credit in the following semester instead.

For Additional Questions, Please Contact:


Jill Hamilton-Bunch
(661) 321-3483

San Diego – Mission Valley

Pat Maruca
(619) 563-2818