Research Associates

A PLNU science student shows and explains an experiment she is working on to visiting alumni.

Research Associates is an auxiliary of the PLNU Alumni Association. This organization was initiated by alumni who were compelled to give back to the biology and chemistry departments at PLNU so other students could participate in the life-shaping activities that aided in their own successes. Its 260 members are alumni and friends of the biology and chemistry departments of PLNU, most of whom have participated in the university's Summer Research Program.

The purpose of Research Associates is to contribute to the professional development and success of students and faculty, particularly in the area of undergraduate research.

This goal is realized by:

  • Supporting the PLNU Summer Research Program with student stipends, supplies, and equipment
  • Providing academic-year scholarships in recognition of excellence
  • Providing financial support for students who present their work at professional conferences
  • Supporting networking events and seminars for students and alumni in various professions


"The two years of research and lab assisting were two of the best years of my life. The experience gave me an invaluable lead into graduate level studies as well as provided the basis for needed technical, presentational and critical thinking skills."

Benjamin J. Pettus, Class of 1997
Biology-Chemistry, B.S.

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Biology and Chemistry Research Video

Research Associates Board of Directors 

Rick Bravo, Class of 1979, Chair    

MD, FAAP, Bravo Pediatrics
San Luis Obispo, CA

Dianne Agarwal, Class of 1990

San Diego, CA

Steven Blankenship, Class of 2019

Park Ranger
San Diego, CA

Rene Bravo, Class of 1979

San Luis Obispo, CA

Brigette Bonnet, Class of 1982

Bakersfield, CA

Richard "Jeff" Conner, Class of 1984

Murrieta, CA

Leticia Gomez, Class of 2018

Analytical Chemist
San Diego, CA

Katie Friederich, Class of 2007 

Sacramento, CA

Carly Guthrie, Class of 2005

Camas, WA

Nathan Kemalyan, Class of 1983 

Portland, OR

Jenna Mielke, Class of 2012

Quitman, TX

Sheryl Smee, Class of 1977

PLNU Alumni Director, Retired
San Diego, CA

Ashley Barnett, Class of 2014 

HS Science Teacher
San Diego, CA

Brad Carter, Class of 1982

Gladwyne, PA

Michael Cater, Class of 1965 

Santa Ana, CA

Allison Ericson, Class of 1994

Oceanside, CA

Thomas Fitzpatrick, Class of 2001

San Diego, CA

Jason Everett, Class of 1993

Phoenix, AZ

Peter Gilson, Class of 2011

Zoological Society of SD
San Diego, CA

Jeanette Hendrickson, Class of 1997

Science Sales
Torrance, CA

Matt MacGinnis, Class of 2005

Villa Park, CA

Geoff Sigmund, Class of 1999

Orange, CA

Bruce Windoffer, Class of 1978

Illumina, Informatics Sales
San Diego, CA

Research Associates Annual Report

2021 Research Associates Annual Report
2020 Research Associates Annual Report
2019 Research Associates Annual Report


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"The undergraduate research program at Point Loma provided me with hands-on experience with the research techniques and tools important in chemistry research today as well as an understanding of the format and methods for conducting research. More importantly, it wet my appetite and gave me a thirst for scientific investigation."

Matthew D. Alexander Ph.D., Class of 1997
Biology-Chemistry, B.S.

More Student Testimonials

"At Harvard, dental students are enrolled with medical students, along with additional dental classes at the dental school for the first two years. This extensive and intensive curriculum requires a solid background in biology and chemistry. Point Loma's Biology-Chemistry program built a strong scientific foundation for the discipline of dental medicine."

David Brock, Class of 1997
Biology-Chemistry, B.S.

"Summer research gave me a clear understanding of the scientific method. It equipped me with excellent laboratory skills and the ability to write scientifically. I was even a co-author on several peer-reviewed scientific papers! Through this process I came to understand how important the student-mentor relationship is. Most importantly, I learned how to think, not to just be a pair of hands. Scientific thought is often overgeneralized and things are more complex than we can even imagine. Once you understand that science is fallible and far from perfect, you will be willing to go against the norm and tradition to explore novel ideas."

Tobiah L. Pettus, Class of 1997
Biology-Chemistry, B.S.

"The most valuable tool I took with me from the science departments at Point Loma (aside from a beaker that was used to transport some goldfish) was the ability to think analytically. It wasn't until I arrived at the university with students from all over the country - and all over the world - that I realized how valuable and rare a commodity that really is."

Jenna Haliasz, Class of 1996
Biology-Chemistry, B.S.