What Are PLNU’s MBA Concentrations?

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Do you have a bachelor's degree and want expansive business operations and management knowledge? Consider pursuing your Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

What is an MBA?

This graduate degree provides students with advanced knowledge of business operations including marketing, finance, economics, management, and leadership skills. Students also apply business knowledge to real-world scenarios and projects and engage in networking opportunities.

PLNU offers both an Early Career MBA program for rising professionals with fewer than three years of professional experience and a General MBA program. Both programs prepare students for the complexities of the modern business world, help improve communicative and problem-solving skills, and further develop their ability to think strategically. 

PLNU’s MBA Concentrations

The Early Career MBA is designed for recent graduates while the General MBA program is curated for experienced working professionals who want to advance in their careers. Each can be completed in as few as 12 months.

Both programs are composed of 36 units of business courses and if desired, four concentrations for students to select from:

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Global Leadership
  • Sport Management

Each concentration is designed to be applied to any job, industry, and role, and will prepare students for many demands in the marketplace.


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Project Management

What is the Project Management Concentration?

The Project Management concentration is curated for current working professionals who are interested in strengthening their current business or organization by implementing efficient systems and practices. This includes initiating, planning, executing, and closing projects in any business environment, with a specific focus on building high-performing project teams.

Once completing this concentration, students are led toward the direction of a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and/or a Certified Scrum Master certification.

Through the Project Management concentration courses, students learn how to set a viable schedule, compensate employees, motivate, and inspire high-performing teams.

Career Opportunities in Project Management

Students who select this concentration have typically moved from an individual contributor to a frontline supervisory role. This concentration is also perhaps the broadest option, as it provides students with skills that are applicable within most companies and teams.

Common Occupations for Project Management:

  • Project manager
  • Healthcare manager
  • Director of operations
  • Project management consultant

“You are learning how to lead high-performance teams. Employers tell you what you should do, while in the Project Management concentration, we teach you how to lead. ”
— Matt Boyne, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Management, Fermanian School of Business

Organizational Leadership

What is the Organizational Leadership Concentration?

The Organizational Leadership concentration focuses on a company’s internal leadership. This concentration hones into the development and success of business structures and people. Organizational leaders are responsible for setting goals, implementing plans, motivating employees, and creating a vision for their company.

Career Opportunities in Organizational Leadership

Students who select this concentration are interested in preparing for a management and supervisory role in any size public or private organization. Students will be investing in their career capabilities that will allow them to become skilled leaders of organizational teams, projects or departments.

Common Occupations for Organizational Leadership:

  • Project or team leader
  • Human resources manager
  • Divisional or group leader
  • Medical and health services manager
  • Management consultant

“The concepts and skills you learn in this concentration will be applied when you are leading a team, managing a project or negotiating conflicts. This program emphasizes relational leadership.”
— Randy Waynick, Ph.D., Assistant Dean and Professor of Leadership, Fermanian School of Business

Learn more about PLNU’s MBA organizational leadership concentration here.

Global Leadership

What is the Global Leadership Concentration?

The Global Leadership concentration is designed to help you learn universal aspects of leadership and how to manage projects and teams around the world and navigate a variety of cultural dynamics. 

Career Opportunities in Global Leadership

Students who select this concentration are interested in pursuing a career in an international capacity. Whether you work for a multinational corporation, live and work abroad, or communicate with clients from all over the world, this concentration will provide you with endless opportunities to succeed in whatever field you choose.

Common Occupations for Global Leadership

  • Nonprofit Director
  • Learning and Development Leader
  • Organizational Consultant 
  • Policy Director 
  • Human Resources Director

Sport Management

What is the Sport Management Concentration?

The Sport Management concentration is tailored to give you the training to manage teams, events, projects, and promotions in the sports sector. This program aims to develop skills in managing personnel, facilities, and events, as well as sports marketing, public relations, finance, and more.

Career Opportunities in Sport Management 

Students who select this concentration are passionate about the sports industry and can have the responsibility of supervising all aspects of a sports program or organization. Whether you are managing a professional team, overseeing college sports and athletics, leading sports tourism, or directing any other sports organization, you will be in a position to be an influential leader in one of the biggest and most beloved industries.

Common Occupations for Sport Management

  • Sports Marketing Manager
  • Athletic Directors 
  • Agents and Business Managers of Athletes
  • Facilities Managers
  • Sports General Managers

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