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Studying psychology offers much more than an understanding of human behavior — it gives you the ability to empathize with others and live out a life in service of those who need it most.

The Department of Psychology aims to develop students into professionals who are able to meet the needs of others with realism and intelligence. As a psychology student, you will study a spectrum of issues concerning human nature, examining both traditional and contemporary psychological research and methods from a distinctly Christian worldview. Whether you want to go to graduate school or desire to use your psychology knowledge within other professional arenas, PLNU’s psychology programs will allow you to dive deeper. 


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PLNU's psychology department strives for excellence in education and is committed to the support and preparation of students to undertake graduate study in psychology or careers related to mental health, such as marriage and family therapy, counseling, clinical psychology, social and community psychology, and health psychology. We also match that commitment in educating students preparing for careers outside of mental health, such as church ministry, business, medicine, law, and more.

While our thoughtfully designed curriculum will set you up for professional success, our faculty will be there to help you grow personally and navigate through both career and self-exploration. We will help you build character and emotional maturity as you prepare to enter the workforce and pursue your true calling. 

The Department of Psychology endeavors to develop students who are psychologically knowledgeable, emotionally intelligent, and morally engaged. We desire to provide a perspective on psychology informed by the Christian faith and a vision of Christian living informed by psychology. Our graduates will be equipped for lives of character devoted to serving the common good of humanity and the Christian community.


Our faculty serve as both teachers and mentors, committed to guiding you toward a full and purposeful education. By helping you explore thought-provoking and influential ideas and engage complex and difficult questions, faculty will provide you with access to an environment devoted to the pursuit of truth. An education at PLNU is both transformative and meaningful.

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