Jenna DeWalt

International Development Studies, Class of 2015

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What have you been up to since graduation?

Entirely orchestrated by God, I was handed a dream position after graduating PLNU that I had prayed for a year earlier. Having forgotten that prayer as graduation neared and continuing to move toward whatever seemed most practical, God hadn't forgotten the true desires of my heart. What looked impossible to me wasn't impossible for him. Since August 2015, I have been working at Pepperdine School of Law with its Global Justice Program (GJP). Our program provides global internship opportunities for our law students to gain experience in human rights. We also plan events and host speakers for our students to learn more about the spectrum of ways they can use their law degree for global justice. In addition to our deep focus on student opportunities and growth, we work on a larger scale assisting the Ugandan Judiciary in the transformation of its legal system to provide quicker and better access to justice in the civil and criminal realm. My work has been incredibly rewarding and I am honored to play a part in assisting to create change on such a large scale. Before I began this job I had never thought about development from a legal vantage point, but I’m loving every minute of it! 

How has the Center for International Development helped you in achieving your goals?

My undergraduate degree was in international development. I studied abroad in Uganda. I interned for international microfinance and educational organizations. Without the guidance of Rob Gailey, without the seed that was planted by the Microfinance Club, without the community of IDS majors who actually understood how I perceived life, I don't think I would have pursued the path I have. The Center for International Development hosted an environment for like-minded people to connect and share experiences. Just like God put me in the job I have today, I have a similar testimony for how He led me to study international development and led me to all the people involved at the CID.

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