The Anatomy learning Institute aims to provide different opportunities to meet the needs of our learners, including undergraduate and graduate courses in the four core anatomical sciences: gross anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy, and embryology. 

Knowing that our students come with different strengths and challenges, the ALI utilizes universal design as an educational framework to minimize barriers, build on skills, and maximize learning.

To view the courses offered to students look at the PLNU Catalog. 

Courses Offered 

Below is a list of the different learning opportunities provided through the institute.

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Anatomy Online

Proving opportunities to learn anatomy remotely helps increase access to education. We strive to provide high quality anatomy education by using evidence-based approaches to online learning by utilizing cutting edge technology.

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Degree Programs

With the increasing shortage of qualified anatomy educators, we are working on developing graduate programs in anatomy. Please reach out to us for more information about this.

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Continuing Education

Whether you are looking to meet your professional continuing education requirement or you are simply interested in furthering your anatomy knowledge, we have the right opportunity for you. We have designed different learning experiences for novice and advanced anatomy learners.