The Anatomy Learning Institute is proud to partner with the below mentioned entities to provide a superior learning experience to our students.

Visible Body

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Visible Body's best-in-class 3D biology and AR human anatomy and physiology apps, labs, and teaching and learning platforms improve in-class and online education outcomes while making learning anatomy easy and fun. Visible Body's Courseware platform integrates with Canvas and Blackboard and allows instructors to assign auto-graded labs and homework, customize 3D models and flashcards, and easily share them with students. 



Established in 1953, LEEC is a privately owned manufacturer of equipment for nine similarly aligned sectors including, Histology, Laboratory, Pathology, Anatomical and Life Sciences.

Experienced in facility design, end users can be assured LEEC will work diligently to ensure facilities are efficiently designed, ergonomic and future proof, equipped with an extensive list of standard equipment designs, as well as, tailor made bespoke solutions.