Academic Support

We provide the following academic services:

  • Academic planning

  • Help with course registration and class schedule adjustments

  • Withdrawing from or postponing courses

  • Degree progression

  • Resource workshops and webinars related to academic success

  • Writing center

  • Disability services

  • Online tutoring services

  • Commencement and graduation assistance

The Graduate and Professional Studies Writing Center, located at our Mission Valley Campus, supports students in-person and virtually in their academic writing. Our mission is to foster community and support each student through workshops, writing courses, writing support, and more. 

Learn more about PLNU's Writing Center Resources for Graduate Students

Test and College Preparation

We provide free courses to help you prepare for standardized exams like the CBEST and the GMAT.

We provide the following holistic student support services:

In addition to your financial and academic needs, we also recognize you have a life outside of PLNU, one that needs to be balanced effectively with your schoolwork. That's why our Student Success Counselors provide access to several services to help you not only take the right steps in fulfilling your educational goals and advancing your career, but also living a well-rounded and meaningful life.

  • Access to a personal Student Success Counselor to support you in creating a balanced life.
  • Help identifying and attaining personal and professional goals 
  • Career services
  • Resource workshops and webinars related to student success
  • Personal counseling services
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Specialized support for international, adult learner, veteran, and current military students
  • Information about relevant PLNU campus and community events

You are not just another student; you are a unique and complex individual, one with a varied combination of gifts, experiences, talents, passions, and dreams. You have something only you can offer the world — and the world needs you, too.

Educational Access Center

The Educational Access Center (EAC) is the point of contact for PLNU undergraduate students and Mission Valley campus students to provide reasonable accommodations so otherwise qualified students with disabilities may, as independently as possible, meet the demands of university life.

The EAC provides academic and non-academic accommodations to students with official diagnoses (i.e., learning, physical, dietary, psychological, etc.).

Educational Access Center