Important Dates & Deadlines

Payment in full for the enrolled session is due by the second Friday of each session.

A late fee of five percent will be assessed to all student accounts with outstanding balances at the close of business on the payment due date.

Important dates for all Graduate Students
2021-22 Academic year


30: First Day of Fall Semester


7: Quad 1 and Full Semester Course Payment Due Date


24: Quad I Classes End
25: Quad II Classes Begin


5: Quad II Payment Due Date
15: Web Registration Opens for Spring 2022
24-26: Thanksgiving Recess (No Face-to-Face Classes)


19: Last Day of Fall Semester


10: First Day of Spring Semester
17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No Face-to-Face Classes)
21: Quad I Payment Due


6: Quad I Classes end
14: Quad II Classes Begin
25: Quad II Payment Due


4: Web Registration Opens for Summer 2022


8: Last Day of Spring Semester
9: First Day of Summer Semester
21: Summer Semester Payment Due


3: Last Day of Quad I Classes
4: Quad II Classes Begin
15: Quad II Payment Due


28: Last Day of Summer Semester

Calendar of Important Dates and Deadlines

Stay up-to-date and on task with our full calendar of due dates, deadlines, and important milestones related to payments and financial aid.