Dr. Jacob Goodin Making an Impact Through YouTube

Jacob Goodin

Dr. Jacob Goodin has a passion for sharing his knowledge, not just with PLNU students, but with the strength and conditioning world through his popular YouTube channel. His channel is devoted to students and professionals in the strength, sport, and movement sciences who want to level up their coaching abilities by learning about evidence-based practices and scientific principles of strength training and conditioning. Dr. Goodin's YouTube channel is becoming a trusted resource for professionals and students alike. One subscriber was so appreciative that he sent a donation specifically to the Kinesiology department to thank Dr. Goodin. This is what the subscriber wrote, "I am appreciative of the high quality content that Dr. Goodin publishes on YouTube and other public forums. I have personally been going through his CSCS content with an older edition of the text, just as an amateur, and have learned so much." Whether you are looking to improve your muscles or your brain, his YouTube channel is a great place to look. https://www.youtube.com/c/DrJacobGoodin/videos