Visiting Artist Exhibition by Zachary Dobbins and Ethan Chan 9/5-9/22, Keller Gallery. Opening Reception 9/5, from 5-7pm.

Airplane and branch

Dobbins and Chan explore themes of transportation, freedom, and the alluring fantasies intertwined with the American home. Beyond transportation, the exhibition delves into the yearnings and reveries encompassing the American Dream, incorporating suburban architecture while unraveling the cultural connotations attached to concepts like comfort, safety, and security surrounding the ideal home.
Dobbins's work examines correlated themes of safety and territory through the use of altered familiar forms, from picket fencing to car doors. These objects' functions are altered by mechanical systems and the adornment of interconnected symbols that span the protective similarities of the home and relied-upon transportation. Chan's work reimagines suburban landscapes through the recreation of mapping with toy train sets and playful dissections of security, greed, and property.