Our Community


Karl Martin photo

Karl Martin, Ph.D., Professor of American Literature

“What I came to learn, and still find true among my colleagues, is that they did not feel the need to integrate their faith and their intellectual lives because the two had never been separated. I found a community that took seriously the command to love God with all our minds. Thinking about faith seemed as natural to me as praying, as loving those in need, as worshipping together.”

Katelynn Klingaman Headshot FINAL

Katelynn Robinson, Director of Enrollment Systems

"I love the positive grace-filled environment. I enjoy the collaboration between departments and the sense that you are working together for a bigger purpose and reason. I love coming to work everyday, even when challenges arise because of the place PLNU is to so many."

Esteban Trujillo Headshot

Esteban Trujillo, Chaplain/Director of Chapel Programming

"During Spring Break Build, I get to have Dr. Brower with me, which is a pretty cool thing to have your university president working alongside you on a roof as we're constructing a church building. Seeing people from cabinet or faculty and staff rolling up their sleeves and working alongside students is great as well."

Melanie Wolf, Associate Dean of Student Care and Engagement

"When I think about calling, I think about the Frederick Buechner quote, the place God calls you to be is where the worlds deep hunger and your deep gladness meet."