Certificate Mailing Request: For students who have earned a certificate and need the official copy mailed to them. For third-party verification of your certificate, please use the verification request form below or request an official transcript.

Change of Name and/or Address: For students who need to update their name or address. Documentation is required.

Diploma Mailing Request: For students who have graduated and need to request that their official diploma be mailed to them. (To receive a facsimile of your original, please follow instructions to request a replica diploma.)

Verification of Student Status: For students who need official verification of GPA, proof or enrollment or other academic information from their academic record.  Please note due to the current volume of requests, processing time is approximately five (5) business days.

Withdraw from Undergraduate Program: Required for undergraduate students who will not be attending PLNU for at least one semester or do not plan to return.

Change of Schedule form: To add and/or drop a course or change units in a variable unit course, this is the form you will fill out. The Professor of the course must sign the line of the course you wish to add indicating they authorize you to be added.  You do not need a signature for courses in the drop section. If changing  your schedule will cause you to be out side of block tuition units, 12.0 to 17.0 units, for the overall semester you must see Student Financial Services to see what impact this will have on your account. Student Financial Services must sign your Change of Schedule form to indicate you have been advised of the changes to your account and financial aid.  Once you have the necessary signatures reopen it to the Records Office between 7:30 and 4:00pm. IMPORTANT- if you are using military benefits or a varsity athlete, please talk to the Records Office before making changes.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open some of the documents above.