Community Classroom

A group of students sit in a living room and have class as part of the community classroom experience

What is Community Classroom?

PLNU's Community Classroom is a semester-long, cross-cultural program designed to provide firsthand experience and academic exploration of a multi-ethnic community in a faith-based setting. This program spans all disciplines and is committed to working in partnership with the many non-profits in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Students will also partner with several residents representing various ethnicities who will journey alongside them throughout the semester as cultural guides.

School of Theology & Christian Ministry students are invited to participate in a more casual classroom setting with PLNU faculty, studying courses such as Ethics, Race, and Ethnicity; Church as a Witness; and Elementary Spanish. Students will also have the opportunity to engage the community through applied learning by participating in cross-cultural events, internships, and practicums within this multicultural setting.

All financial aid and scholarships apply.

What are my options?

Students can choose between two flexible options:

Full Immersion: Live with fellow students in City Heights, San Diego, while taking courses taught by PLNU faculty within the community.

Commute: Take one, two, or multiple courses in City Heights and commute from PLNU.

What is a Certificate of Intercultural Engagement?

The Certificate of Intercultural Engagement at Community Classroom is designed for students who want part of their academic experience to include a focused engagement in a multicultural setting that will nurture their Christian formation academically and vocationally.

FAQs for Full Immersion Students

How do I apply for this program?

Students will register for classes through their advisor, selecting the courses taught by the faculty participating in this program. There is also a short application online to gather basic information from program candidates.

How much does this program cost?

This program is the same as if you are taking classes on campus. All costs of the program will be covered through tuition and room and board, including cross-cultural events, housing, food, public transportation, field trips, etc.

Will my financial aid apply to this program?

Yes! This program will not affect your financial aid.

Can I take only one or two courses?

You can take one, two, or multiple courses.

Contact Us

Email with any questions. You can also visit the Community Classroom website.