Design for Good

Designed Posters

Design for Good is a philosophy for connecting your faith, ethics, and values to your discipline to improve lives through design — one we encourage at PLNU. It's a way to provide real-world design thinking for positive social change. Design for Good projects at PLNU have built water wells in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, raised student scholarship funds, promoted care and sustainability of God’s creation, and inspired the campus community to vote on election day.

When we reach out to others, for the sake of others — empathizing with and recognizing human need — we build partnerships. Design for Good provides designers an opportunity to play a catalytic role in communities through projects that create positive social impact. As a design student at PLNU, you will have multiple opportunities to contribute to Design for Good projects and integrate this philosophy into your own work. This serves as a powerful model for designers who a vocation in design, and become a beacon for positive impact in our world.