Fieldwork in Psychology

Psychology student smiling while engaged in fieldwork

Every semester, the Department of Psychology offers an upper division fieldwork course for students who wish to supplement their coursework with internship experience in the field of their choice. Under the supervision of a professional in your chosen field, your internship will provide an opportunity for hands-on application of the skills you’ve learned in the classroom. Whether you aspire to be a counselor, researcher, or psychologist, our fieldwork placements can help you get there.

We believe this opportunity for fieldwork is crucial for all psychology majors, and you can be certain your experience will be tailored to your own coursework and interests. Under the guidance of Dr. Joel Sagawa, you can explore your options and get one step closer to your academic and career goals. To get started, contact Dr. Sagawa.

“I really feel like being able to connect to people in real life, outside of the classroom and outside of textbooks and studying, has been what drives my passion to serve others and get to know the community, and apply what I’ve learned. That’s why I chose a practicum — it was the perfect way to go about that. The struggles, trials, and hardships of the patients stared me in the face every day, and learning how to employ empathy and sympathy was both challenging and humbling. Because I was able to look beyond my own circumstances during the practicum, I was able to extend myself beyond those boundaries.”

Jasmine Chow, Class of 2017
General Psychology
Fieldwork Placement: Hospital

“I found the field of school psychology and it sounded exactly like what I wanted to do, but I didn’t really know what it was. Enrolling in the practicum gave me the opportunity to say, ‘yes, this is what I want to do. This is what I want my future to look like.’ My practicum solidified what I want to do for grad school and gave me the reassurance that I’m going in the right direction. School psychology was not something a lot of students had pursued before me, but Dr. Sagawa helped me find the perfect placement. Now, we have this connection for other students who are interested in school psychology, which is really exciting. It was cool to know that I opened the door for others who are also interested in this field.”

Ashley Pfenning, Class of 2017
General Psychology
Fieldwork Placement: School District