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PLNU has a robust program of pre-law advising to assist students in their journey toward becoming a legal professional. 

Our pre-law advisor will help you successfully apply to law school, provide opportunities to network with local attorneys, and guide you in making decisions about your future legal career. The one-on-one attention you receive, as well as the support of an inclusive peer group, will help you be successful. PLNU graduates are regularly accepted into the best law schools in the country.

Pursuing a career in law is a noble, rigorous, and occasionally daunting journey. PLNU’s pre-law advising exists to aid you in this journey, providing the information, guidance, and resources you will need to successfully apply to law school and begin heading down the path toward a legal career. We strive to educate our students about the wide variety of options in law-related careers, as well as prepare them for success in selecting and applying to the law schools that will be their best fit. We provide information about law schools, the LSAT, application procedures, the bar exam, placement and practice realities, networking with attorneys, paralegal training, and more.

Our pre-law program includes many resources for your success, such as:

  • Lunch and dinner events with guest speakers, including current attorneys and law school representatives
  • One-on-one advising meetings with Jeff Birdsell, the pre-law advisor
  • Recommendations for undergraduate courses to take in preparation for law school
  • Networking opportunities with local attorneys and PLNU law alumni
  • Recommended shadowing and internship opportunities
  • Suggested reading/books and LSAT preparation materials made freely available in our Pre-Law Room
  • Review of law school application materials and editing of personal statements

How can I become a pre-law major?

Like most colleges and universities, PLNU does not have a major entitled pre-law. In fact, virtually any major can provide the solid basis of quality preparation necessary for a law-related career. The traditional majors associated with a career in law (history, political science, literature, philosophy) have been supplemented in recent years by a growing demand for graduates in the sciences, business, foreign languages, social sciences, and others.

Therefore, you can choose to major in any specific discipline and still be prepared for entering law school. That is why we emphasize individual pre-law advising meetings with customized advice to address your particular interests and goals and help to make sure whatever your major, you are on the path that is right for you.

What kind of law schools do PLNU grads attend?

In recent years, we have had many PLNU graduates attend some of the highest ranked law schools in the U.S., including the following schools ranked in the top 20:

Yale Law School
Harvard Law School
Stanford University Law School
Columbia University School of Law
The University of Chicago Law School
NYU School of Law
University of Pennsylvania Law School
University of California, Berkeley School of Law
University of Michigan Law School
University of Virginia School of Law
Duke University School of Law
Cornell Law School
Georgetown University Law Center
University of Texas School of Law
Vanderbilt Law School
University of California Los Angeles
University of Southern California Law School
Boston University School of Law

How do I get involved?

If you are thinking about a legal career, you should contact the pre-law advisor as early as possible in your academic career. Most of our events are open to any current PLNU students who are considering attending law school.

To learn more about our events, please click “like” on our PLNU Pre-Law/Law Alumni Page or email Jeff Birdsell at