Educators make a difference by coming alongside students to help them succeed. Prepare to stand out with your expertise and effectiveness as an educator with these resources from PLNU – and learn more about PLNU’s undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs.

How to Become a California High School Teacher

The field of education is more accessible than ever. Teaching at the high school level can be particularly rewarding as educators can help teenagers discover their passions before going to college. Learn more about the path to become a high school teacher.

Earning a Grad Degree in San Diego as a Veteran

San Diego is known for its large population of active duty, reserve, and veteran servicemembers. See how PLNU's graduate degree programs are set up to allow these professionals to continue developing their careers.

Why Earn a Teaching Credential in San Diego?

Aspiring instructors need a teaching credential to find work. This article will break down everything you need to know about becoming a teacher in San Diego County. 

10 Good Reasons to Go to Grad School

So you’re considering the graduate school adventure! Here are ten reasons why earning an advanced degree can help you meet your needs on every level, from physiological to self-actualization.

Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

What are some of your most vivid childhood memories? Do you remember learning your ABCs or learning how to distinguish colors? People often assume that real learning begins when kids start elementary school; however, children learn a lot between the time they’re born and the time they start kindergarten. 

How to Become a Teacher: The Ultimate Guide

Teaching can bring the challenge and satisfaction you desire in a career. Learn the steps it takes to earn a teaching crential, how to choose the right credential, and how to pay for your education.