Undergraduate Studies

Calling is so much more than a job or career – it’s about living into who God has called you to be. The PLNU undergraduate experience provides unique opportunities for you to engage, expand your mind, and lean into this journey of growth and exploration. Browse the resources here and learn more about our bachelor’s degrees, minors, and concentrations, as well as what it means to be a PLNU student.

The 12 Best Burritos Shops in San Diego

It's time to get to the bottom of the great burrito debate! The Loma community has voted 12 San Diego burrito shops as the ones they can't live without. See the results here.

Explore San Diego

Check out some of PLNU students' favorite activities and adventures in and around San Diego.

5 Common Questions Asked by New College Parents

Sending your child off to college brings plenty of strong feelings and emotions. One of the most prominent of which is uncertainty. We help answer some of the questions that can come with being a new college parent.

PLNU Student’s Guide to Off-Campus Study Spots

Whether it’s a chapter exam or finals, students like me can get overwhelmed when it comes to juggling stress, anxiety, and studying. Sometimes all you need to get back into the right headspace for studying is a new environment, and San Diego has plenty.

Your Guide to Coffee Shops in San Diego

We have you covered when it comes to San Diego coffee shops. From close-to-PLNU staples to picture-perfect locations, hidden gems, and everything in between — find your new favorite spot with this guide!

10 holiday activities to get you in the spirit for a sunny San Diego Christmas

Living in San Diego, you don’t get to manifest the Hallmark, snowy wonderland, 25-degree weather during the holiday season. Instead, we’ve come up with some unconventional ways that harken back to the essentials of the Christmas season.  Here are our top 10 activities to help you spread and be a part of the Christmas cheer.