Department of Occupational Therapy

The mission of the PLNU Occupational Therapy program is to produce competent and professional graduates who provide evidenced-based and occupation focused interventions that serve others as an expression of faith. The faculty model the dedication to professional service, collaboration, and leadership.

Occupational therapists (OTs) enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health and prevent — or live better with — injury, illness, or disability. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA, 2018), “As an inclusive profession, occupational therapy maximizes health, well-being, and quality of life for all people, populations, and communities through effective solutions that facilitate participation in everyday living.” 

As health care professionals, OTs specialize in restoring clients' abilities to engage in basic activities of daily living tasks, i.e., eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, and instrumental activities of daily living, i.e., work, play, education, leisure, rest, social participation, etc. OTs work in various settings including pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, neurology, physical rehabilitation, mental health, and in school systems. 

Occupational Therapist with a patient


Our faculty serve as both teachers and mentors, committed to guiding you toward a full and purposeful education. By helping you explore thought-provoking and influential ideas and engage complex and difficult questions, you'll have access to an environment devoted to the pursuit of truth. An education at PLNU is both transformative and meaningful.


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