Morning sun streams in by Taylor Hall.

Outside Taylor Hall, the sun begins to shine through the morning fog on campus.

Mission, Vision, and Strategic Priorities

Our Mission

Point Loma Nazarene University exists to provide higher education in a vital Christian community where minds are engaged and challenged, character is modeled and formed, and service is an expression of faith. Being of Wesleyan heritage, we strive to be a learning community where truth is pursued, grace is foundational, and holiness is a way of life.

Our Vision

Discovering Vocation, Expanding Horizons, Deepening Faith, Transforming Communities

Strategic Priorities

Rooted in our mission, vision, and university values, our strategic priorities build upon our successes to ensure the future quality and relevance of a PLNU education for all whom we serve. The rapidly changing context of higher education and the demands of an increasingly complex world require our planning and action to take a proactive approach to our future. While a strategic plan is not intended to describe all PLNU must do in its pursuit of mission and vision, it is intended to identify priorities that point us toward the institutional quality and vitality that will be necessary to effectively serve our students and communities. These priorities are the result of broad input from across the university, which also incorporated environmental scanning data to help provide the future context of our work. 

Preparing students as effective leaders in a rapidly changing world is not a new calling for PLNU; it is the foundation of our history and work. For generations, PLNU has developed students deep in faith and life skills who were academically well prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of their day. The core needs for the future are similar, but the pace of change and the uncertainties of this age require a new educational agility, with increased student access points, creative learning modalities, and relevant learning outcomes if graduates are to effectively respond to the demands of their day.

PLNU’s Four Strategic Priorities

Strengthen Our Distinctive Learning Community
To meet the educational needs of students in a rapidly changing world, we will innovate in our curricular and co-curricular programs to strengthen and enhance student learning.

Increase Educational Access
To meet the educational needs of students in a rapidly changing world, we will create opportunities and strategies to increase access to a PLNU education.

Foster Innovation and Agility
To meet the educational needs of students in a rapidly changing world, we will design proactive strategies that ensure effective educational programs and institutional systems are created to address the changing contexts in higher education and culture.

Demonstrate Accountability
To meet the educational needs of students in a rapidly changing world, we will continuously demonstrate and improve student learning and mission fulfillment through effective assessment practices.

PLNU's Four Strategic Priorities

PLNU’s strategic priorities identify what is necessary to expand the university’s capacity to provide the kind of education that will prepare our students to affect the world for good.