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Churches Against Trafficking

The CJR co-founded Churches Against Trafficking (CAT) in 2013 to create a network for local churches to engage in the anti-trafficking efforts in San Diego. We believe that the Church is critical in the work to end human trafficking in our region. CAT exists to equip each congregation to find its unique place in this effort.

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Our Mission

  • Build a network of San Diego churches that are engaged in combating human trafficking and raising awareness. 
  • Educate the Christian community in the anti-trafficking work that is happening in San Diego.
  • Connect the Christian community with local victim service organizations. 
  • Pray for organizations and advocates who are working to end human trafficking in San Diego, as well as for victims and survivors.

Get Connected

Churches Against Trafficking is currently on pause due to a loss of engagement coming out of the pandemic. However, individuals from a handful of churches have recently reached out to inquire about how to get involved, and this renewed interest has inspired the possibility of a focus group to identify what the next rendition of Churches Against Trafficking could look like. If you are interested in being involved in the revisioning process, please fill out this form, and someone from our team will be in touch with you.

Learn More

Step 1: Learn how to respond

Before you take action, we encourage you to listen to survivors and learn from trained professionals. Human trafficking is a complex, nuanced issue, and it is critical to learn from experts in the field. Start your journey by watching this Human Trafficking 101 video, in either English or Spanish, to learn more about the scope of the problem. This video is the first step in becoming a part of the solution to eradicate this injustice from our communities. 

*Please note that this video does not equip you to work directly with victims or survivors of trafficking. 

Take Action 

Step 2: Take Action

How Can I Take Action?

Learn more about human trafficking

Utilize toolkits for parents

Take online training specific to your profession

Buy fair trade, second hand, or direct

  • Use these facts to educate yourself and others about how purchasing fair trade helps address child labor and human trafficking in our supply chains. 
  • Learn more about how labor trafficking is connected to our products and services by checking out resources from Polaris Project and the National Institute of Justice.
  • Discover how many slaves are impacted by your purchases and how to contact suppliers and businesses at Slavery Footprint.
  • Check out the Buerarchy of Needs for ideas on how to purchase clothes more sustainably.

Support vulnerable youth

  • Read about the challenges of aging out of foster care.
  • Inform yourself on the Protocol for Safe and Affirming Care to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth.
  • Donate supplies (gift cards, hygiene bags, sleeping bags, clothing, etc.) to local drop-in and emergency centers for youth, such as San Diego Youth Services
  • Contribute meals to San Diego Youth Services “Food Group” for youth experiencing homelessness and volunteer for special projects in the youth emergency shelter.
  • Volunteer at North County Lifeline’s drop-in center for former foster youth, at-risk youth, and youth experiencing homelessness.
  • Volunteer with San Diego Youth Services foster support program by helping with parent trainings, supervising children, assisting with seasonal events, transportation, and community outreach. 
  • Become a Safe Families Church and open your home to provide a safe, loving place for a child to stay while the parents address the issues that have brought instability to their lives.

Support a direct service organization

Provide emergency shelter for a victim of human trafficking

Access local prevention curriculum

Participate in outreach to massage establishments

Address porn and demand

Host a watch party for STOLEN documentary

  • Watch the seven-episode STOLEN documentary at NBC San Diego to learn more about sex trafficking and the exploitation of children in San Diego County.

Become an advocate

Launch an anti-trafficking ministry at your church

Directly Support Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking

There are numerous organizations in San Diego that are hard at work to provide shelter, counseling services, education, and additional services to victims and survivors of human trafficking. Consider volunteering with one of the following organizations to directly support services for survivors of human trafficking:

As a border region, our wellbeing is interconnected with our neighbors in Mexico, and human trafficking is a problem on both sides of the border. Here are some trusted organizations doing similar in Tijuana and Baja California: 

Thank You to Our Founders

Churches Against Trafficking was originally co-founded by the following leaders:

  • Susan Johnson, The Church at Rancho Bernardo
  • Nate Alcorn, The Church at Rancho Bernardo
  • Ginger Shaw, Skyline Church
  • Rachelle Kimberling, Journey Community Church
  • Dr. Jamie Gates, Point Loma Nazarene University
  • Michelle Shoemaker, Point Loma Nazarene University