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The success of our program has much to do with the dedication and enthusiasm of our Teaching Artists and Facilitators who lead with genuine care. We couldn't do it without the invaluable passion, awareness, and conscientious approach our Teaching Artists bring to kNOwMORE© 's initiatives. To all prospective candidates, we are eager to offer a comprehensive overview of our audition and casting process, aiming to support your success throughout the entire journey! 

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The Process


Audition Announcement

In order to maximize performance impact, kNOwMORE© has intentionally crafted a comprehensive application process, featuring an annual audition window that opens exclusively in the month of April and May. Auditions consistently take place, by invitation, in early June each year.

Application and Submission

Individuals wishing to audition for kNOwMORE© must submit a resume and a headshot during the specified application window.

Application windows open April 1st and close on May 24th.

  • Application links can be found below with the character descriptions

Pre-Screening Process

At kNOwMORE©, we are committed to conducting thorough evaluations. To facilitate this, all submitted materials undergo a meticulous review process led by our Program Director.

We understand the significance of timely communication, and therefore, prioritize notifying all applicants regarding audition invitations, both selected and non-selected candidates, shortly after the application window closes.

To bolster the success of our applicants, those invited to audition will receive confirmation emails containing comprehensive details about the audition process, scheduling, and what each actor needs to prepare.


Ensuring that your audition process starts with a seamless and immersive experience is a priority for us. To facilitate this, auditions are scheduled to take place at Salomon Theatre on Point Loma Nazarene University's main campus. All confirmation emails will include a map of the campus and the designated audition location, ensuring effortless navigation.

Casting Notification:

We empathize with the excitement and anticipation that often accompanies the wait for casting decisions. We are committed to ensuring a swift and efficient turnaround. Both selected and non-selected candidates will receive communication regarding casting decisions within a 72-hour timeframe.

Missed the window but still interested?

At kNOwMORE©, we understand the complexities that surround acting schedules and the potential of missing the application window. We don't want a missed window to stand in the way of expressing your interest in auditioning. In an effort to meet you where you are, we’ve created an interest form that will remain open year-round. If you missed the deadline but still want to join our team, just fill out the form. We take these forms seriously and will consider you a valid applicant for the next audition period. Your interest matters, and we're here to make sure you have a shot at being a part of kNOwMORE© whenever works best for you!

Interest Form

Teaching Artist Positions


Female-presenting actor who can play teenager; any ethnicity

Amanda is bright and kind but also lonely and insecure.  She wants love, friendship, and relational attention in general. There are not people in her life she can really count on for love and company. She is not necessarily in the “popular crowd”, more on the fringes with just a few friends.

Must be 18+ by start of rehearsals

Required Media: Cover Letter, Headshot, Resume

Apply Here


Male-presenting actor who can play early 20’s; any ethnicity

Kyle wants to do everything in his power to appear to be the one that Amanda can trust, the one who loves and sees her better than anyone else in her world. Generally his demeanor appears selfless, romantic, and attentive but his true motives are much more insidious. He is grooming Amanda in hopes of trafficking her.

Must be 18+ by start of rehearsals

Required Media: Cover Letter, Headshot, Resume

Apply Here


Female-presenting actor that can play teenager; any ethnicity

Desiree is oblivious to Amanda’s situation throughout the drama. She loves her friend, but since they have been friends for years, she takes her for granted. She is enamored with the social hierarchy and tends to value fun/spontaneity/a new social connection over time with her old best friend. However, in her heart of hearts, she loves Amanda and does not want to lose her.

Must be 18+ by start of rehearsals

Required Media: Cover Letter, Headshot, Resume

Apply Here


Male-presenting OR non-binary actor that can play teenager; BIPOC preferred but not required

Danny is pretty happy-go-lucky and mostly in the dark about Amanda’s situation. However, he/they are a soft-hearted person under the surface and intuit key awkward moments. He/they are loyal and have been friends with Desiree and Amanda for years. He/they hide a lot behind their humor and teasing.

Must be 18+ by start of rehearsals

Required Media: Cover Letter, Headshot, Resume

Apply Here


Male OR Female-presenting actor;  can be played anywhere from age 35-65; any ethnicity)

Teacher: S/he mentored Amanda and had a good relationship with her before things got bad. S/he is compassionate and concerned about Amanda. However, s/he does not know what is going on with Amanda’s situation. S/he is connecting the changes in Amanda with an “unknown factor”- “becoming rebellious”, “involved with the wrong crowd”… S/he is unaware that something as serious as trafficking is in the works.

Parent: S/he loves Amanda but does not know how to connect with her. S/he is very busy, a little self-involved, preoccupied with getting work hours due to some financial stresses, and thus inattentive to the fact that her/his daughter is in need of extra love and attention.

Must be 18+ by start of rehearsals

Required Media: Cover Letter, Headshot, Resume

Apply Here