Steps in the Eligibility Process

1. Laws regarding confidentiality and responsibility for disclosure change at age 18 or when a person enrolls in a post-secondary institution. It is important that the student is comfortable taking the leading role in working with the EAC. Students need to make the first contact with the EAC if accommodations are needed for academic and non-academic participation in campus activities by emailing eac@pointloma.edu.

2. Email Provider Form and/or previous documentation, Informed Consent Disclosure, and Acknowledgement Form to eac@pointloma.edu. Current and prospective students seeking an accommodation must submit recent (within past 3 years) official documentation of their disability to qualify for EAC review and registration.

3. Confirmed students will be emailed a link to schedule an appointment for an Accommodation Plan (AP) meeting. Students are required to attend their AP meeting. They can invite others to join; however, we do not meet with parents or advocates without the student present.

4. Prior to the AP meeting, student can review Sample Accommodations.

5. Student and EAC staff create an Accommodation Plan that is available in Workday for viewing by students, their current professors, academic advisor and relevant staff when appropriate.

6. PLNU is accredited for in-person learning; therefore, remote learning exceptions are considered on an individual basis and evaluated separately from other accommodations. Click here for details on remote learning requests.