Meet Our Team

Pamela Harris Headshot

Dr. Pamela Harris

Dr. Harris is the Associate Dean of the EAC and an Associate Professor of Education. She has over 30 years of experience educating and advocating for people with disabilities. She worked as a special education teacher and testing specialist for 15 years before she became a professor of Special Education. Her research focuses on students with 'invisible' disabilities. Prior to joining the faculty at PLNU, Dr. Harris trained hundreds of general and special education teachers to utilize high-impact instructional strategies in inclusive educational settings.

Holly M. Irwin Headshot

Dr. Holly Irwin

Dr. Irwin serves as the campus ADA Coordinator and is also the Vice Provost of Academic Administration. Dr. Irwin is committed to equal access for all PLNU students. 

Sabrina Mathisen Headshot

Sabrina Mathisen

Sabrina is the EAC Manager of Student Life and is passionate about advocating for accessibility and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. She is a PLNU alumnus and has worked in the disability field in a variety of settings from the classroom to the community. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cross Disciplinary Studies with a concentration in human development and special education and a California Educational Specialist teaching credential.

Irena Chiang Headshot

Irena Chiang

Irena is the EAC Manager of Academics and is passionate about advocating for equity and access in education. She was formerly a credentialed classroom teacher with experience in public, private, and charter schools, and has worked with diverse student populations in Philadelphia and Nashville prior to moving to San Diego. She is an alumnus of Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, and minor in Visual Arts.

Ty Burdette Headshot

Ty Burdette

Ty is the EAC Accessibility Coordinator and is driven by functioning in hard-working, team-centered environments. His career experience is within the industries of hospitality, customer service, and event management. A PLNU alumnus, Ty graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Marketing in 2023.

Terrence Knock Headshot

Terrence Knock

Terrence has over 7 years of higher education work experience and 13 years of compliance-related experience in the military. As the ADA/504 Assistant Coordinator, he works to ensure compliance with disability laws within the University to maximize the support and safety of students across our campuses.

Carrie Gunn Headshot

Carrie Gunn

Carrie provides recommendations to EAC staff on appropriate dietary accommodations. She works with our meal services staff to create healthy and safe meals for students registered with the EAC that require specialized diets.