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Student Life & Formation

Mary Paul Headshot

Mary Paul, D. Min.

Vice President for Student Life & Formation
(619) 849-2215

Brianna Garnes Headshot

Brianna Garnes

Student Life & Formation Assistant
Student Care Coordinator
(619) 849-2256

Residential Life & Student Conduct

Jake Gilbertson headshot

Jake Gilbertson

Dean of Students
(619) 849-2263

Beth Denney Headshot

Beth Denney

Director of Residential Life
(619) 849-2948

Heather McClary Headshot

Heather McClary

Residential Life Coordinator
(619) 849-2482

Amy Dickerson

Amy Dickerson

Assistant Director of Housing
(619) 849-2463

Student Care & Engagement

Headshot of Melanie Wolf

Melanie Wolf

Associate Dean of Student Care & Engagement
(619) 849-2596

Rachel Martinez Headshot

Rachel Martinez

Student Care Case Manager
(619) 849-2305

Jen Hills Headshot

Jen Hills

Student Care & Engagement Assistant
(619) 849-2484

Milton Karahadian Headshot

Milton Karahadian

Director of Nicholson Commons
(619) 849-2649

Connor Mathisen Headshot

Connor Mathisen

Director of New Student Engagement
(619) 849-2677

Charlene Patterson Headshot

Charlene Patterson

Logistics Coordinator for New Student Engagement
(619) 849-2479

Scott McGowan headshot

Scott McGowan

Director of Community Life
(619) 849-7122

Maya Walker Headshot

Maya Walker

Director of Multicultural and International Student Services
(619) 849-2524

Amber Nakamura Headshot

Amber Nakamura

Assistant Director of Multicultural and International Student Services
(619) 849-2941

International Ministries and Study Abroad

Brian Becker Headshot

Brian Becker

Director, International Ministries and Study Abroad
(619) 849-2679

Headshot of Chris Corbin

Chris Corbin

Assistant Director of Study Abroad
(619) 849-2972

Headshot of Sabrina Soria

Sabrina Soria

International Ministries and Study Abroad Coordinator
(619) 849-2387

Norma Flores

Norma Flores

Assistant Director of LoveWorks
(619) 849-2612

Chapel and Campus Ministry

Esteban Trujillo Headshot

Esteban Trujillo

University Chaplain and Director of Chapel Programming
(619) 849-2542

Headshot of Hadley Halbert

Hadley Halbert

Chapel Programming Assistant
(619) 849-2655

Kirstyn Teegarden Headshot

Kirstyn Teegarden

Associate Director of Discipleship
(619) 849-2970

Dana Hojsack Headshot

Dana Hojsack

Director of Community Ministries
(619) 849-2678

Jeff Jimenez Headshot

Jeff Jimenez

Director of Border Engagement Ministries
(619) 849-2263

Sylvia Cortez Masyuk Headshot

Sylvia Cortez Masyuk

Graduate Chaplain - Mission Valley Regional Campus & Liberty Station Conference Center
(619) 849-3161

Worship Arts

George Williamson

Director of Worship Arts
(619) 849-2610

Dan Bos

Associate Director of Worship Arts
(619) 849-2562

Aaron Yoshida

Worship Arts Development Coordinator

Wellness Center

Jen King Headshot

Jen King

Executive Director
(619) 849-7818

Medical Services

Lauren Alexander Headshot

Lauren Alexander

Supervising Physician
(619) 849-7204

Sarah Capra Headshot

Sarah Capra

Registered Nurse
(619) 849-2574

Carrie Gunn Headshot

Carrie Gunn

Nutritional Consultant
(619) 849-7077

Debbie Hickman Headshot

Debbie Hickman

Operations Coordinator
(619) 849-2255

Grace Hunter Headshot

Grace Huter

Registered Nurse
(619) 849-2309

Courtney Kelly

Nurse Practitioner
(619) 849-7204

Ellen Pearson Headshot

Ellen Pearson

Registered Nurse
(619) 849-2395

Aubrey Riddle Headshot

Aubrey Riddle

Front Office Scheduler
(619) 849-2574

Lisa Roberts Headshot

Lisa Roberts

Student Health Nurse Practitioner
(619) 849-2362

Kaitlin Sorgea Headshot

Kaitlin Sorgea

Health Promotions Specialist
(619) 849-2356

Beverly Strunk

Staff Psychiatrist
(619) 849-2574

Counseling Services

Julie Westburg Headshot

Julie Westburg, M.A. Ed.

Administrative Assistant
(619) 849-2648
General Counseling ext. 3020

Photo of Varinia Peridon in black long sleeve shirt.

Varinia Peridon, M.S., LMFT

Mental Health Counselor Supervisor
(619) 849-2669

Angeli Montalbano

Angeli Kamantigue Montalbano, M.A., AMFT

Mental Health Counselor
(619) 849-3029

Melinda Olson Headshot

Melinda Olson, M.A., AMFT

Mental Health Counselor
(619) 849-3161