School of Theology & Christian Ministry

What you believe about God and about yourself in relation to God are the most important convictions of your faith as a Christian. The foundation of your identity, both individual and collective, rests on your understanding of God as revealed in sacred Scripture. Therefore, you must be willing to humbly explore the deep questions of faith, seeking wisdom in Scripture, and ever growing personally and spiritually, so you may serve God and minister to others.

The School of Theology & Christian Ministry equips you with a foundational knowledge of Scripture and theology, as well as the practical experience essential for ministry and service, enabling you to courageously confront the problems facing our world today. Build close relationships with other students and faculty as you work together to explore Scripture, theology, philosophy, and ministry, and along the way discover how you can serve Christ — in the church and the world.

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Opportunities for Engagement

Developing into an individual inspired and guided by purpose doesn't only happen inside the walls of the classroom — it happens by coming face-to-face with new opportunities, people, places, and ideas. From student-run clubs and honor societies to opportunities to reach out to the surrounding community, lecture series, research conferences, and more, the School of Theology & Christian Ministry offers a diversity of opportunities for meaningful engagement with big questions.


Our faculty serve as both teachers and mentors, committed to guiding you through a full and purposeful education. By helping you explore thought-provoking and influential ideas, analyze complex and difficult questions, and evaluate competing claims, you'll have access to an environment devoted to a meaningful exchange of ideas. An education at PLNU is both transformative and deeply impactful.

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If you would like to learn more about the School of Theology & Christian Ministry or any of our majors and minors, please reach out to us!

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