• 81.4% of new sTudenTs
    received a merit award in 2021-22.

  • 76 new sTudenTs
    were awarded performance-based scholarship in 2021-22.

PLNU Incoming Freshmen Merit Scholarships

For freshmen starting PLNU in fall 2024 to spring 2025.

PLNU-awarded scholarships are available between $10,000-$22,000 per year. Qualification data will include unweighted GPA and weighted GPA or SAT/ACT score.

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2024-25 First-Time Freshman Merit Award Criteria

Student must meet any 2 of 3 criteria to qualify:

Any 2 of 3 criteria to qualify
President’s Gold$22,000Unweighted HS GPA ≥ 3.95
Weighted HS GPA ≥ 4.40
SAT ≥ 1430 or ACT ≥ 32
President’s Green$19,000Unweighted HS GPA ≥ 3.90
Weighted HS GPA ≥ 4.25
SAT ≥ 1400 or ACT ≥ 31
Trustee’s$16,000Unweighted HS GPA ≥ 3.85
Weighted HS GPA ≥ 4.10
SAT ≥ 1370 or ACT ≥ 30
Provost’s$14,000Unweighted HS GPA ≥ 3.80
Weighted HS GPA ≥ 3.90
SAT ≥ 1340 or ACT ≥ 29
Dean’s$12,000Unweighted HS GPA ≥ 3.50
Weighted HS GPA ≥ 3.75
SAT ≥ 1280 or ACT ≥ 27
Bresee$10,000Unweighted HS GPA ≥ 3.25
Weighted HS GPA ≥ 3.60
SAT ≥ 1180 or ACT ≥ 24

Understanding your financial aid and scholarship options can potentially save you a lot of time and money. Learn more about the types of scholarships PLNU offers to accepted students.


PLNU Transfer** Merit Scholarships

For transfer students beginning PLNU in fall 2024 to spring 2025.

AwardMinimum Weighted GPAAmount Per Year
Transfer Merit 1Between 3.0 and 3.29$6,000
Transfer Merit 2Between 3.3 and 3.59$9,000
Transfer Merit 33.6 or higher$12,000

**For transfer students who have completed 16 or more units at another college or university after graduating high school. Transfer students who will have completed fewer than 16 units at another college or university at the time they begin classes at PLNU are not eligible for transfer merit aid. However, incoming freshmen merit aid (with the same requirements) is available.

Renewal: All PLNU Merit-Based Awards are able to be renewed for all four years that you're a PLNU student. Students are guaranteed their scholarship for their first two years, and after that, a 3.4 college GPA must be maintained to renew both of the President and the Trustee Scholarships. The Provost, Dean, and Bresee Scholarships each require a 3.2 cumulative GPA for renewal.

Read more about merit-based awards.

  • 309 new sTudenTs
    were awarded transfer scholarships in 2021-22.

Performance-Based Awards

Performance-based awards include athletic, music, theatre, and forensics scholarships. Performance awards may be combined with academic and science honors scholarships.

Students are expected to contact the applicable department to apply for the involvement scholarships mentioned above.

Athletic Scholarships

Students should contact the intercollegiate athletic department at (619) 849-2265.
For students who live on campus, athletic scholarships can only be used to help pay tuition, mandatory and other fees, and on-campus room and board.
Apply as a prospective athlete.

Debate Scholarships

Students should contact the forensics coach in the Department of Communication Studies at (619) 849-2391. Learn more about speech and debate.

Music Scholarships

Students should contact the department assistant in the Department of Music at (619) 849-2445. Learn more about music scholarships.

Diversity Leadership Scholarship

PLNU's Office of Multicultural & International Student Services offers scholarships to support students of diversity who will contribute to the PLNU community as leaders. Learn more about the Diversity Leadership Scholarship.

Endowed Awards 

Once you’re a PLNU student, you will have the opportunity to apply for additional scholarships. PLNU offers approximately 300 endowed scholarship opportunities, made available through various PLNU departments, offices, and alumni. You can also earn stipends by being involved on campus (like being a resident assistant or serving on ASB), you can earn scholarships through your major, and more!

Looking for forms, documents, or want to talk to someone about financial aid?

Visit the Office of Student Financial Services

Outside Scholarships

We also maintain a scholarship database where you can research outside scholarships that have been made known to PLNU through other students, organizations, and businesses. You can apply to as many of these scholarships as you’d like. Just make sure you report any outside scholarship received to the Office of Student Financial Services so we can apply it to your package.

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