Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know what room I am living in and who my roommates will be?

Your portal will show your housing assignment and roommate information as follows:

  • New students for fall: July 1
  • Returning from study abroad: December 15
  • New students for spring: January 1

Can I switch roommates?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate roommate changes. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life at (619) 849-2463.

Can I move in early?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate early move-ins due to cleaning and inspections that occur before residents are allowed to move in. Check out the academic calendar for move-in and move-out dates.

What can I bring with me when I move in?

We have created an entire list of what you can and can not bring when you move in to your residence hall.

Can I bring my own furniture?

PLNU has a furniture policy in place to protect our on-campus students from bed bug infestation. We do not allow students to bring any upholstered furniture that can not fit into a university-sized dryer. This is because students are supposed to pre-treat any upholstered cushions that they want to bring and must be able to treat them upon request by a university staff member. We have been able to remediate this issue through keeping student’s furniture from entering the residence hall. Please see more information on what you are allowed to bring.

How much storage space will I have in my room?

Storage space differs between halls. Every on-campus resident is provided with a built-in desk with chair, a trash and recycling bin, an extra-long twin bed, mini blinds, as well as a closet and dresser. We recommend that you contact your roommates to make sure that you only bring one of each shareable item. Room pictures and descriptions are available on each of the residence halls pages.

Do the halls or apartments have heating or air conditioning?

Living in the mild climate of San Diego overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the halls are quite comfortable year round. The onshore breeze from the Pacific Ocean offers more than adequate cooling for the residence halls. In the rare few days of warmer than usual heat, students who bring a fan from home are comfortable. The halls are all equipped with heating for the colder months of the year.

Does living in Flex Apartments cost more than living in a residence hall?

Living in Flex Apartments does not cost more than living in a Residence Hall room. Junior and Senior students have the privilege of choosing to live in either Goodwin Hall or Flex Apartments.

Can family or friends stay in my room during NSO (New Student Orientation)?

Unfortunately family and friends are not allowed to stay with new students during New Student Orientation. The first few days are extremely important for students to meet their roommates and have time to get to know the other residents on their floor. Family and friends are expected to stay at local accommodations. We have been offered special rates for family and friends at partner accommodations.

Can I send mail and packages early?

Yes, however, please do not send anything earlier than 2 weeks prior to the start of school.

Do we need to indicate a hall or room number on mail sent to residents?

Including a hall or room number is helpful, but it is not necessary. Please be sure to indicate the student’s first and last name on the outside of the mail or package. Please do not use nicknames as the student will not be identified and the mail will be returned to the sender. For more information, visit Mail Services.

How do I change my meal plan?

Your meal plan can be changed on Workday within the first 2 weeks of the semester under the Student Services tab.

Is there a shuttle that runs on and off campus?

Yes, there is an on and off campus shuttle that runs. View the shuttle schedules.

Does PLNU have space for me to store things over the summer?

If you need to store items over the summer, we would recommend signing up and coordinating with Campus Storage.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life at (619) 849-2482.