Health Sciences

At PLNU we care about the health and wellness of the whole person — body, mind, and soul. Learn more about occupational therapy, physician assistant, kinesiology, athletic training, and sport and exercise science with the resources and information here, and consider jumping into these dynamic industries by earning a bachelor's or master's degree in health sciences of your own.

Kinesiology vs. Exercise Science vs. Sport Performance

There are several unique subsets within the field of kinesiology. Knowing the difference between kinesiology, exercise science, and sport performance specializations is important for choosing the path that’s best for your career.

Top 5 Careers in Sports Management

Are you ready to hit the ground running in the world of sports management? It may seem overwhelming to look at all of your options, so we consolidated a list of five career paths in sports you may be interested in taking.

PLNU Kinesiology Alumni Shaping Major League Baseball

The connections with MLB teams and biomechanics researchers, as well as the kinesiology department’s fully-equipped lab, puts PLNU students in a unique position to successfully pursue biomechanics as a career.

10 Good Reasons to Go to Grad School

So you’re considering the graduate school adventure! Here are ten reasons why earning an advanced degree can help you meet your needs on every level, from physiological to self-actualization.

What Can I Do in My Career With a Master’s in Kinesiology?

A master’s degree in kinesiology can allow you to pursue your passion for sports, health, wellness, and rehabilitation in a variety of growing industries. See 10 of the top career options for a graduate degree in kinesiology.

What to Know About a Kinesiology Degree in Integrative Wellness

With the rise of integrative medicine and wellness in the healthcare world, degrees in wellness are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. See what it means to study and practice integrative wellness and if a career in this field of kinesiology is the right fit for you.