RN to BSN Concurrent Enrollment

Leap into Nursing

For students who wish to earn their BSN but haven’t yet completed an ADN, consider the concurrent enrollment program. This accelerated learning option is perfect for professionals who want to begin their healthcare career or qualify for new nursing opportunities strategically and efficiently. 

Concurrent enrollment allows you to simultaneously complete your ADN and BSN in as few as two academic years (six semesters). You’ll complete the NCLEX exam and earn your RN license near the end of the program to ensure you are ready to start working.

Find the Fast Track to Your BSN

Classes in the RN to BSN concurrent enrollment program are all online. This concurrent enrollment program is currently offered only in partnership with MiraCosta College and San Diego City College, so students enrolled in an ADN program at another institution are not eligible. Students have to be accepted to the MiraCosta College or San Diego City College ADN (Associate's degree in Nursing) program or already enrolled in their first semester of the MiraCosta College or San Diego City College ADN program in order to be eligible for the concurrent enrollment program. Students who have not started or been accepted to the ADN program at San Diego City College or MiraCosta College are not eligible for this program. 

PLNU’s program is designed to help you succeed in your growing healthcare career and is designed to be flexible for your individual needs and goals. 

Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA to qualify for concurrent enrollment. 

If you’ve completed a previous bachelor’s degree program (in any academic discipline), you may qualify for an advanced standing track. Up to 6 required units can be waived, and you can complete your BSN in just six semesters. Connect with an academic counselor to find out what your plan will look like.

In this program, you’ll complete community outreach hours for your ADN, as well as clinical public health hours to finish your BSN. As a benefit, your community outreach hours will transfer toward the required BSN clinical hours as well as your certification in public health — an advantage exclusive to this concurrent enrollment program. 

PLNU’s RN to BSN program offers you the flexibility to earn your degree at your own pace, and is sensitive to your personal needs and limits. This program allows you to take a term off and resume later if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Build Your Healthcare Career

If you’re planning to earn your ADN, consider pursuing your BSN as well. With a BSN you can:

  • Open yourself to higher level opportunities and expand your influence.
  • Qualify for more competitive pay and better benefits.
  • Gain credibility and prove you’re committed to improving your nursing practice.
  • Negotiate better work hours to fit your scheduling preferences.
  • Grow in your expertise and confidence in the nursing field.

Talk to a counselor today

Speak with a counselor today about what the RN to BSN program will look like for you. We will work with you to develop a successful education plan that works for you.

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