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Churches Against Trafficking

The CJR co-founded Churches Against Trafficking (CAT) as a network connecting Christian ministry leaders engaged in the anti-trafficking work in San Diego. CAT connects the Christian community with local direct service organizations, providing resources, volunteers, finances, and prayer for those caught up in human trafficking. Our website resources the community with specific and tangible action steps as we engage Christians in the fight against human trafficking at

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Take Action Steps 

Are you ready to get involved with change makers seeking to eradicate the injustice of human trafficking in our community? Start your journey by watching a Human Trafficking 101 video to learn more about the scope of the problem. After you watch the HT101 video, we invite you to explore our list of action steps to engage in partnership with community organizations, working day in and day out to address this crisis. ​Choose an area that sparks your interest and invite friends to join you as you get involved!

Action steps include:

  1. Deeper learning
  2. Support for vulnerable youth experiencing homelessness and foster care
  3. ​Sponsor an organization that works directly with victims
  4. Connect prevention curriculum to schools or youth groups in your area
  5. Massage establishment outreach
  6. ​Address porn and demand
  7. Toolkits for parents
  8. Training for your profession 
  9. Advocate
  10. Buy Fair Trade, second hand and/or direct
  11. Launch an anti-trafficking ministry at your church
  12. Hos​t a watch party for STOLEN Documentary series
  13. Provide emergency shelter for a victim of human trafficking

Take Action

Directly Support Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Churches Against Trafficking hosts a list of the local organizations we believe in as well as monthly updated prayer requests and needs lists from these organizations.

These are non-profit direct service agencies that directly help victims of human trafficking through counseling, shelter, education and various other services necessary to transform a survivor into a "thriver."  Do you have time for volunteering? Mentoring? Extra resources or finances to give? Do you know of someone who does? Each of the organizations listed are hard at work creating safe havens for the victims; accompanying them on the long, complicated path of restoration.  And, each of these organizations could use your help.  

Support Direct Service Organizations