Our Programs

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Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund

The Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund is a scholarship dedicated to supporting survivors of human trafficking as they pursue their college degrees at PLNU. 


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Churches Against Trafficking 

Churches Against Trafficking is a network of local churches that are collaborating to educate and engage the Christian community in anti-trafficking work in San Diego. 




The Human Trafficking Research and Data Advisory Roundtable (HT-RADAR) facilitates collaboration among researchers, identifies funding opportunities, and affects decision-making in the region by conducting and distributing quality research. 


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kNOwMORE© is a drama-based and student-centered human trafficking awareness and prevention curriculum for 8th-12th grade youth in San Diego County.


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Student Initiatives

Our Student Initiatives educate PLNU students about the injustice around them, equip them to face the challenges of our age well, and engage them in the justice work happening in our communities.