Center for Women's Studies

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Are you committed to grappling with the issues facing gender equity? If so, the Margaret Stevenson Center for Women’s Studies was created particularly for faculty and students like you, who want to enrich our community’s understanding of gender issues locally and around the globe.

Our Purpose

To celebrate the unique and historical contributions of women in society, provide resources for students to learn about timely and important gender issues, and advocate participation in global justice efforts in a wide variety of issues and professions.

What is the Center for Women’s Studies?

The Margaret Stevenson Center for Women’s Studies, located in Colt Hall, is both home to the women’s studies minor and host to academic and social co-curricular events that promote awareness, examination, and action on gender issues.

Why should you join us?

We welcome all students who seek to learn more about the complexity of gender issues, the impact women make on society, and the challenges they face. The endeavor for gender equality needs men and women alike who promote the innate, God-given worth and dignity of each person, despite social, economic, and political norms and structures that might restrict or devalue them. Whatever your gender or area of study, we encourage you to join us and learn more about how you can improve life for more than half the global population.

Opportunities include:

  • Nationally renowned guest speakers and authors
  • Film forums
  • Art and theatre in the greater San Diego area
  • Faculty research talks
  • Annual graduation and honors thesis celebration lunch
  • “Results May Vary” retreat for graduating senior women on post-college life
  • Faculty advisor


Dr. Kelli McCoy
Professor of History
(619) 849-2438

Dr. Kara Lyons-Pardue
Professor of New Testament
(619) 849-2989

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