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Health Promotion Center

In May 2000, with the help of a grant from the Helene Fuld Health Trust, HSBC, PLNU’s School of Nursing established the Health Promotion Center (HPC) at the Church of the Nazarene in Mid-City to provide health services for individuals and families in the area who could not afford healthcare.

In the beginning, the center functioned in one large room in the church, partitioned by green privacy curtains.

But through the generous funding of organizations like Compassion Capital Fund, the Parker Foundation, PLNU Administration, the San Diego Revitalization Foundation, and a number of anonymous donors, the HPC was able to build out a permanent clinic and fund medical supplies and health education materials.

How will I be involved?

The central location of the HPC places nursing students in the heart of one of the most diverse neighborhoods in San Diego. In fact, the church is home to six congregations, each with its own language: Cambodian, English, French/Creole, Spanish, Sudanese, and Samoan.

This diversity provides an incredible teaching and learning environment for nursing students to develop skills in both cross-culture communication and health, while providing free healthcare to the medically uninsured. Nursing students from PLNU provide community members with health information they can incorporate in their daily lives.

In addition, MSN students have the opportunity to step into leadership roles at HPC and plan the Annual Festival of Health. They also work alongside clinical nurse specialists in community assessment and health planning.  


Mary Margaret Rowe, MSN, RN, director of the HPC and adjunct professor of nursing, says being immersed in the culture of the HPC’s neighborhood and expressing genuine concern are vital.

“A lot of nurses have never seen patients in their own element,” said Rowe. “I want my students to know where people are coming from.”

Despite the differences in language or culture, she added, “Our students realize the value of non-verbal communication, which includes kindness and respect for all who seek our care.”

These experiences are laying groundwork for PLNU nursing students to approach their future careers with professionalism and compassion.

Location and Hours

Church of the Nazarene in Mid-City
4101 University Avenue
(Corner of University Avenue and 41st Street)
San Diego, CA 92105

Tuesday and Thursday, 8 a.m. – noon
Hours may vary and are subject to change.


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Health Promotion Center
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