Eshwar Kapur, M.D.

Medical Director, Athletic Training Education Program

About me

Welcome! My name is Eshwar Kapur. I am a full-time member of the Orthopedic Department. I am fellowship trained and certified in sports and musculoskeletal medicine, with experience in primary care (family medicine). Therefore, I am considered an orthopedist who is also knowledgeable in general medicine, but I am not a surgeon. I use this diverse background to evaluate and treat a wide variety of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions, including complex diagnoses that fall between orthopedic subspecialties. I am able to offer balanced, unbiased counseling regarding conservative and surgical treatment options. Because I work in the Orthopedic Department, I have direct access to more than 30 surgical subspecialist colleagues to get members evaluated for surgery when indicated. I am a leading expert in running injuries. When I was at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, I created a comprehensive gait analysis runner’s clinic that I hope to start here soon. I frequently speak at running events and have provided medical coverage for several major races nationally. Because of my work with the Philadelphia Phillies professional baseball team, I also have interests in throwing mechanics in overhead athletes. Besides caring for athletes and active individuals, I have created innovations for healthcare delivery and treatment algorithms for people with osteoarthritis. For example, I set up an educational knee osteoarthritis seminar available to Kaiser Permanente members.


I was born in Philadelphia and spent most of my childhood on the East Coast. I chose medicine because I have many family members who are doctors, such as my auntie in the UK. I have participated in several sports at an elite level, and I ran varsity cross-country and track-and-field for the University of Virginia. This has set the foundation for my interest in health and wellness in medicine. I chose Ohio State University for medical school because of its strength in primary care.

How I thrive

I am a strong believer in health and wellness as a powerful tool in medicine for both physical and spiritual well-being. I maintain a strictly healthy, balanced diet. Meanwhile, I run 6 days a week, surf 5 days a week, and lift weights 5 days a week for work-life balance and relatability in sports medicine. My wife and I adventure travel regularly as a hobby, and we participate in several philanthropic community endeavors through the year.