Lee Jordan, MS, NBC-HWC

Adjunct Faculty, MS Kinesiology - Integrative Wellness

Lee Jordan helps people throughout the United States break the chains of obesity and live a full life through his physician-endorsed behavior change program, 30 Seconds to Victory™.  Leveraging years of experience as an executive with a top 50 global IT firm, he has mitigated, if not eliminated, geographic and time barriers typically challenging fitness and wellness professionals through the use of wearable, cloud-based and portable technology. In his role as a consultant, he has helped shape and deliver corporate health and wellness coaching programs and works with digital health companies creating apps engineered with evidence-based health behavior constructs.      

As an American Council on Exercise (ACE) subject matter expert, master coach, national presenter, author and educator focusing on lifestyle-based chronic disease prevention, he is often entrusted to comment in such publications as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Dr. Oz The Good Life, CNN and SHAPE. Lee speaks on health and wellness coaching, digital health and other wellness-related topics at conferences such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the IDEA Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit. Lee is dedicated to equipping a legion of passionate wellness professionals with the practical competencies needed to transform lives.

As followers of Jesus Christ, Mr. Jordan and his wife, Beth, shape their choices by their desire to “make Jesus real to people,” understanding that people hear what we say, but they listen to what we do. Not surprisingly, service is central to their lives, and they have combined this with their penchant for education, serving as Life Group leaders for high school students and adults, at their church, as well as coaching new live Life Group leaders.

Areas of interest and current projects:

  • Infusing apps with behavior change constructs in a way that leverages evidence-based principles of wellbeing such as mindfulness and positive psychology.
  • Author of the HOPE Solution (How Our Purpose Empowers) method. 
  • Researching tailored text message communication and its impact on medication adherence and enhancing the therapeutic alliance between patience and integrative wellness teams.


M.S. Kinesiology – Integrative Wellness, Point Loma Nazarene University

B.S. Behavioral Science, Bellevue University


Courses Taught

KIN6077: Advanced Health and Wellness Coaching

KIN6088: Internship or Practicum in Kinesiology

KIN6097: Project Seminar in Integrative Wellness