Rebecca Flietstra, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Dr. Rebecca Flietstra has been at PLNU since 1997. She has taught several courses, including the two-semester sequence of human anatomy and physiology, vertebrate physiology, advanced human physiology, and neuroscience. She has trained as a mammalian physiologist, with particular expertise in neuroscience, reproductive physiology, and endocrinology. Her current interest is in human evolution and human health.


  • Ph.D., Physiology, University of Kansas Medical Center
  • B.A., Biology, Calvin College

Courses Taught

  • Human Biology and Bioethics – BIO 101
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I – BIO 130
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II – BIO 140
  • Organismal Biology – BIO 212
  • Scientific Issues and Society – BIO 302
  • Vertebrate Physiology – BIO 420
  • Neuroscience – BIO 470
  • Senior Seminar – BIO 497

Dissertations, Presentations, and Publications

  • Flietstra RJ, Voogt JL. (1997). Lactogenic Hormones of the Placenta and Pituitary Inhibit Suckling-Induced Prolactin (PRL) Release, But Not the Ante-Partum PRL Surge. PSEBM. 214: 258-264.
  • Flietstra RJ, Voogt JL. (1996). Rat Placental Lactogens Initiate and Maintain Lactation Yet Inhibit Suckling-Induced Prolactin Release. Endocrine. 5: 103-110.