Robbie Maakestad, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Writing


  • M.F.A., Creative Writing (Nonfiction), George  Mason  University
  • M.A., English (Nonfiction), Ball  State  University
  • B.A., English (Creative Writing), Taylor  University

Courses Taught

  • Diverse Voices in American Literature - LIT 352
  • Introduction to Creative Writing - WRI 220
  • Advanced English Composition - WRI 315

Experience in Field

  • Professional Lecturer, George Washington University
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Instructor of Record), George Mason University
  • Instructor, Creative Writing Club, Burris Laboratory School, Muncie, IN, Spring
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Instructor of Record), Ball State University
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Ball State University, Rhetoric and Writing, Mentor: Dr. Merrielle   Turnbull

Courses Previously Taught

  • Historical Creative Nonfiction, UW 1020, George Washington University
  • Creative Nonfiction Writing, ENGH 399, George Mason University
  • Intro to Creative Writing, ENGH 396, George Mason University
  • Reading and Writing About Texts (Literature), ENGH 201, George Mason University
  • Composing Research, ENG 104, Ball State University
  • Rhetoric and Writing, ENG 103, Ball State University
  • Composition, ENGH 101, George Mason University

Awards and Honors

  • "Coke in Jerusalem,” Short List, Penguin/Travelex Next Great Travel Writer Award, 2017  
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award, George Mason University, 2017
  • “What To Do When Trapped in a Tiny Turkish Hotel Elevator While Studying Abroad,” Second Place, Bethesda Magazine Essay Contest, Summer 2017
  • “movie night: a postmodern romance,” Honorable Mention, Dan Rudy Fiction Award, 2017  
  • “Refuge in Ruins,” Honorable Mention, Bethesda Magazine Essay Contest, Summer 2016  
  • “Insignificant,” Winner, Mary Roberts Rinehart Nonfiction Award, Spring 2016
  • “Seasick,” Honorable Mention, Marco Polo Arts Magazine’s 100 x 100 Contest, Summer 2012 

Dissertations, Presentations, and Publications

Book  In  Progress

The City of David: A Biography of Place



  • “The Secrets of the Excavators,”The  Normal School, Fall  2018  
  • “A Most Fragile Organ,” Boulevard, Spring 2018  
  • “Three  Things  I  Hate,” Hellscape, Spring 2018  
  • “Dear Wigleaf,” Wigleaf, Winter  2018  
  • “An Open Letter to a Cliché,” Bad Pony, Winter 2018  
  • “On Pneumothorax and Writing Medical Trauma,” Essay Daily, Summer 2017    
  • “What To Do When Trapped in a Tiny Turkish Hotel Elevator While Studying Abroad,” Bethesda Magazine, Summer 2017    
  • “A Potsherd,” The MacGuffin, Spring 2017  
  • “Oh Lung that Keep Collapsing,” SFWP Quarterly, Spring 2017  
  • “Coke in Jerusalem,” Penguin/Travelex Contest, Spring 2017  
  • “A Baker’s Dozen,” The Free State Review, Spring 2017    
  • “A Historic/Linguistic Lithostratigraphic Exploration of How David Conquered Jerusalem,” The  Rumpus,  Winter  2016
  • “Refuge in Ruins,” Bethesda Magazine, Summer 2016
  • “The View From Moresheth-Gath,” Altarwork, Fall 2015
  • “The Sea of Galilee: My Assurance,” Windhover Journal, Spring 2015
  • “First Night In Jerusalem,” Mojave River Review, Winter 2014
  • “The Mountain Finds All Climbers: On John Leax’s 'Recluse Freedom,’” with Daniel Bowman, Jr.   and Hannah Hanover, Antler, Fall 2012
  • “Homeschooling: One Student’s Preparation for College,” Homeschooling Today, Summer 2012
  • “Seasick, ” Marco Polo Arts Magazine, Summer 2012   


  • “Early Morning Overlooking the Temple Mount,” The Wayfarer, Fall 2013  
  • “Akko, Israel – Market,” The Wayfarer, Fall 2013  
  • “I Know What It Is To Be Icarus,” The Broken Plate, Spring 2013 

Presentations & Readings

  • AWP Conference, 2017,Moderator/Panelist, “Editors Engage the Digital Age: Transforming the   Modern Lit Journal,” with Speer Morgan, Jodey Stanley, Sarah M. Wells, and Joel Haans  
  • LoudFire Reading Series, Fairfax, VA, December 13, 2016  
  • Bethesda Literary Festival, "Refuge in Ruins,” Bethesda, MD, April 15, 2016    
  • Kindling Reading Series, “movie night: a postmodern romance,” Fairfax, VA, September 21, 2015
  • This Is the End Reading Series, “Camping at Karnei Hittin,” Muncie, IN, April 21,  2014
  • Practical Criticism Midwest Panel, “Arraba,” Muncie, IN, February 7, 2014
  • Practical Criticism Midwest Breakout Session,“ The  Cow,” Muncie, IN, February 7, 2014
  • Practical Criticism Midwest, “My Grandparents Smell Awesome,” Muncie, IN, February 8, 2013