Sophia Starner

Admissions Counselor

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Where are you from?

I was born in Lakeland, Florida but spent less than a year there before my family moved to Ohio briefly and then Franklin, Tennessee for my early childhood years. From kindergarten onward, I grew up in Chandler, Arizona which is where my parents still live so I try to go back when I can! I have lived in San Diego for 6+ years now and love that I get to now call it home.

What did you study in college?

I actually attended PLNU and entered in as a Christian Studies major. Later on in my Freshman year, I added on a Philosophy major and graduated with both Bachelor's Degrees and have continued on to pursue my Masters of Divinity. I enjoy topics of religion and philosophy and hold deep gratitude for the ways they teach me to be more curious and better love others!

What was your favorite involvement in college and why?

Oh where to being?! I had the opportunity to be involved in lots of different areas at Point Loma but a lot of my best memories stem from my involvement in Worship Arts and Res Life. As a Chapel Worship Intern, I got to play music with so many friends and peers as well as got to go out for entire summers to help out with summer camps. As a Resident Assistant, I got to help plan hall events and find new and creative ways to support my peers specifically in our living spaces. Regardless of what I was doing, I truly just enjoyed getting to meet new people and find ways to engage my passions.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone looking for their perfect college?

My biggest piece of advice is to lean into your instincts. Do your best to learn about places that you are interested in (also visiting the campus because seeing the space physically can be really helpful too!), but I believe that you will know deep down what place makes you truly excited. Whether it makes you excited because it is affordable or because they offer a club that you have always wanted to be a part of or their program of study that you are interested in has a really great reputation and resources, pay attention to what makes you eager to attend somewhere. And ultimately, stay true to yourself!

Where's your favorite spot in San Diego for breakfast/brunch?

I am actually not the biggest breakfast/brunch fan so I might not be the best to ask but I personally believe you cannot go wrong with an amazing açaí bowl. Where is that you might ask? No question Northside Shack which happens to be super duper close to PLNU's campus! All the fruit that they put on top is so fresh, and I always want more even after I finish it. Not to mention you can take it to-go so it tastes even better on a nice sunny day picnicking on the grass or sitting on the beach.