2019 Overview of Work

Summary of Work

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System: A Study of Its Economic Impact (2019)

Commissioned by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), this study assesses the total economic impact of the San Diego MTS on San Diego's economy using results of FY 2018. This study has been used to inform policy makers, business leaders and residents.

Understanding the Homelessness Journey: Insights from Individuals Living in Shelters or on the Streets (2019)

Commissioned by the San Diego Housing Commission, this study investigates whether there are underlying or Structural Predictors in a person’s background that cause them to be more likely to become homeless when confronted with some form of life crisis. It draws on data based on in-depth interviews with individual’s actually experiencing homelessness. The insights may contribute to development of longer term strategies to address homelessness in the City of San Diego.

San Diego Military Economic Impact Study (2019)

Commissioned by San Diego Military Advisory Council, these annual studies analyze the economic impacts of defense-related spending through all channels, including personnel stationed in San Diego, contract spending, tourism, and payments to Veterans and retirees.

The Economic Impact of Nonresidential Construction on the San Diego Region (2019)

Commissioned by the San Diego chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors, this study presents a comprehensive view of the contribution nonresidential construction makes to the economy of San Diego County. It also assesses the future for nonresidential construction in the San Diego region, including the positive drivers and constraints.

An Economic Impacts Cost and Benefit Analysis: Coronado's Ownership of State Routes 75 and 282 (2019)

Commissioned by the City of Coronado, this study seeks to analyze the potential benefits, costs, and risks of ownership of State Routes (SR) 75 and 282, quantifying them to the greatest extent possible. The report is presented as a tool to help the City’s policymakers better assess the various factors involved and make an informed decision on whether or not to accept the State's offer to relinquish SR 75 and SR 282 to the City of Coronado.

Revising San Diego's Inclusionary Housing Policies: Costs vs. Benefits (2019)

Commissioned by the Building Industry Association of San Diego, this study analyzes the root causes of San Diego’s housing affordability crisis, evaluates the effects of increased inclusionary construction requirements, and presents alternative policy solutions.

Additional Work

  • FBEI completed 12 survey tabulations and analyses for the National Association of Business Economists (NABE), including surveys on business conditions, the economic outlook, policies, and compensation. 
  • FBEI continued its long-term contract with the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) in analyzing data, modeling the industry, forecasting industry growth, and delivering presentations at both the summer and annual meetings.
  • FBEI continued its partnership with Jilin University, maintaining the Da Vinci Index China.
  • Lynn Reaser, FBEI Chief Economist, was interviewed 140 times by 27 sources (newspapers, TV, radio/podcasts and internet), with some being disseminated multiple times, for a total of 250 media engagements.