CJR Ambassador Program Fall 2021

Ambassador Leaders

The Center for Justice & Reconciliation (CJR) engages students across the Point Loma Nazarene University campus in our work with a student-led Ambassador Program. Every school year we aim to equip student ambassadors to apply their academic education to difficult conversations about the complex world we live in. Heather Corbin expressed why she  became a CJR Ambassador

"I believe CJR is an amazing learning and growth experience to be involved in; being able to be the hands and feet of God in the very prevalent issues in society today is key in moving towards greater change. I have always had a deep desire to help marginalized populations in society. Human rights, equality, ethics, and social justice have been the driving forces for my actions. I am a firm believer in the idea that everyone, no matter what background, deserves the opportunities and pathways that further their successes. Working to better the systems that we have in place is my lifelong goal."

 - Heather Corbin

Through meeting regularly, volunteering together, and hosting campus-wide events, the Ambassador Program provides a space to grow and learn while processing complex social justice issues. The CJR is encouraged to grow our Ambassador Program into three teams and accepted 26 CJR Ambassadors. Needless to say, we are very excited to start the semester with some great conversations! Meet the Fall 2021 CJR Student Ambassadors:

Katie Quinn's Team

  • Sydney McFadden, Junior studying International Studies

  • Claire Brucker, Sophomore studying Political Science 

  • Ashley Sepulveda, Sophomore studying Political Science 

  • Jessica Buell, Junior studying International Studies

  • Emma Peters, Junior studying Sociology

  • Tess Schrupp, Freshman studying Communication Studies

Kyla Kinzle's Team

  • Caden Tomlin, Freshman studying Applied Health Science

  • Mary Stokely, Junior studying International Development 

  • Lainie Alfaro, Sophomore studying Journalism and International Studies

  • Taylor Floyd, Junior studying Sociology

  • Ella Gulbrandson, Freshman studying Social Work

  • Joni Santoro, Freshman studying Pre-nursing

  • Robyn Austin, Senior studying Sociology

  • Hope Jacobsson, Sophomore studying Social Work

  • Heather Corbin, Junior studying Social Work

Katrina Cloyes' Team

  • Philine Leila Domen, Freshman studying Sociology

  • Bizunesh Harrison, Freshman studying Biology

  • Dorie Bulthuis, Junior studying Child and Adolescent Development 

  • Fernanda Rodriguez Santillan, Junior studying Media Communications  

  • Jessica White, Junior studying Environmental Studies with a concentration on Social Impact

  • Emma Place, Junior studying Spanish and Child & Adolescent Development

  • Anna Griffin, Sophomore studying International Studies

  • Claire Downey, Sophomore studying Christian Studies and Philosophy 

  • Isabella Purdy, Sophomore studying Environmental Studies

  • Allison Eazell, Senior studying Chemistry and Psychology

  • Reyna Huff, Freshman studying Journalism

Our dedicated CJR Ambassadors will be key to the execution of our yearly Roots of Giving Fair on December 3rd. This will be our first-ever hybrid model where we will be presenting Vendors both in-person and online. Stay tuned for future announcements!