CJR Student Staff Has Expanded!

The Center for Justice and Reconciliation is excited to announce that two students have joined our student staff team! We are proud to welcome Trieste Oatis, Kyla Kinzle, and Allie Nelson. Trieste is a sophomore International and Christian Studies major who aspires to pursue full-time ministry where she can serve her community. Kyla is a freshman Political Science major who hopes to pursue a career in law or politics where she can focus on social justice and human rights. Allie is a senior Marketing major who has supported the CJR throughout her time at PLNU with different events - we are excited to bring her on to manage all of our social media.

Trieste, Kyla and Allie are joining the team of sophomore Psychology major - Zach Lyons,  junior International Studies major - Danielle Jorgensen, and senior Social Work major - Bridget Stephenson. CJR Student Staff are key to the function of all our programs and events. The Student Staff team is looking forward to a new semester full of exciting opportunities.

Our Student Staff Team:

Zach Lyons
Sophomore, Psychology
Danielle Jorgensen
Danielle Jorgensen
Junior, International Studies

Zach is a sophomore Psychology major who is passionate about fighting for social justice and loving others deeply and intentionally. In his free time, Zach enjoys watching movies, getting coffee from Fair Trade or ethically sourced coffee shops, and going on hikes with friends. He is committed to learning more about all different kinds of issues in our country and in our world and will continue to pursue a psychology-related career in which he can care for marginalized communities.



Danielle is a junior International Studies major with a heart for Fair Trade and others. She grew up in the Bay Area's Silicon Valley and spends her free time enjoying the beach or a good meal with friends and family. After graduation, she hopes to pursue an education and career in law to further advocate for ethical and sustainable practices.


Trieste Oatis
Trieste Oatis
Sophomore, International and Christian Studies 
Kyla Kinzle
Kyla Kinzle
Freshman, Political Science

Trieste is a sophomore majoring in International and Christian Studies. She has a heart for underrepresented people groups and is driven to advocate for the voiceless. She enjoys serving her community in the form of ministry and hopes to pursue this full time after graduation. In her spare time, you can find her enjoying a movie, trying out new foods, spending quality time with loved ones, or traveling.




Kyla is a freshman Political Science major who is passionate about serving others and engaging in the community. She grew up in Colorado and spends her time enjoying the outdoors, watching movies with her friends, listening to music, and reading. She hopes to pursue a career in law or politics, focusing on social justice and human rights.




Allie Nelson
Allie Nelson
Senior, Marketing
Bridget Stephenson
Bridget Stephenson Senior, Social Work major, Nutrition minor

Allie is a senior marketing major at PLNU. She grew up hiking and camping throughout Colorado and enjoys spending time outside any chance she gets. Along with exploring the outdoors, she loves photography and learning about other cultures. She is passionate about community partnerships that promote justice and advocate for the protection of human rights. As CJR’s social media intern, she looks forward to sharing CJR’s initiatives and engaging with CJR’s passionate community.



Bridget is a senior Social Work major and Nutrition minor. In high school, she discovered her passion to fight human trafficking and has been working toward justice ever since. She hopes to take her career abroad for a few years to fight trafficking overseas, eventually ending up back in San Diego. Her favorite things include surfing, running, cooking, and the community of PLNU.

Spring 2021!

This spring, the team is working to prepare for our annual Wear Justice event. This week-long, student-led event aims to provide an alternative to our consumerist culture by encouraging our students to shop ethically and sustainably through different activities and events. Our student staff team will be announcing their plans for the second virtual Wear Justice soon! In addition, this team is looking forward to working with our wonderful group of ambassadors who are committed to educating themselves on a variety of social justice-oriented topics. If you are interested in becoming a CJR Ambassador or would like to contact our Student Staff team, please email interns@pointloma.edu

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