Elevating Futures: PLNU's New Graduate Programs in Medical Sciences


Innovative Learning at PLNU

Our new programs are here for those ready to step into the rapidly evolving world of healthcare and medical education. Whether you're looking to dive into the depths of biomedical knowledge on campus or seeking the flexibility of an online learning environment, PLNU caters to your educational needs.

Master of Science in Medical Sciences

The M.S. in Medical Sciences program is a full-spectrum, in-person academic journey over 12 intensive months. It's a perfect meld of traditional learning with a twist of modern innovation, where you'll learn from international experts and get hands-on experience with full human body dissection, leveraging cutting-edge technology to grasp the nuances of the human form and function.

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Graduate Certificate in Anatomical Sciences Education

For those who prefer a digital environment, our Graduate Certificate in Anatomical Sciences Education offers a fully online program spread across two semesters. It is an invitation to surround yourself in advanced anatomical studies under the guidance of renowned experts, using sophisticated technology that bridges the gap between virtual and tactile learning.

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A Concentration in Anatomy

With a special focus on anatomy, both programs are designed for those charting a course toward careers in anatomical sciences. They promise to enrich your understanding, enhance your skills, and expand your professional horizons.

Join the PLNU Community

At PLNU, we're more than just a campus; we're a community dedicated to nurturing your academic and professional growth. As we anticipate the launch of these programs, we invite you to reach out with your questions and to explore how joining us this fall could be the transformative step in your career journey.

For more information, or to apply, please click here or email us at anatomy@pointloma.edu

Your future in medical sciences awaits at PLNU!