Join Churches Against Trafficking in Prayer!


Prayer for Victim Services Organizations

Churches Against Trafficking would like to invite you to join us in prayer for vulnerable populations severely impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis. We reached out to San Diego organizations who provide direct care to those who have been trafficked, including women with children. These are the specific issues that they have requested prayer for during this time:

  • Anxiety and fear for the future
  • Difficulty finding employment during the COVID crisis
  • Need for stable housing
  • Safety for women who are trying to leave the life of exploitation and finding it especially difficult in this time because most organizations are not able to accept new residents because of the virus crisis.
  • The children of women who are in shelters who are now out of school and do not have regular daily activities

Join us in prayer to lift up the specific needs of those affected by increased vulnerabilities during this crisis. If you would like to join in corporate prayer with others, International Justice Mission is hosting gatherings for virtual prayer and fasting. Viva Together for Children is also holding a weekend of prayer focusing on children in vulnerable situations.

Join California Against Slavery to Meet the Needs of Survivors During This Crisis

The following organizations are non-profit victims service agencies that directly help the victims of human trafficking through counseling, shelter, education and various other services necessary to transform a survivor into a "thriver." Each of the below organizations are hard at work creating safe havens for the victims; accompanying them on the long, complicated path of restoration. And, each of these organizations could use your help. The people exploited by the commercial sex industry are even more at risk today because of the volatility in our world. Desperation and violence are likely on the rise. 

California Against Slavery is supporting these service providers by coordinating efforts to get electronic gift cards for grocery, Target, Amazon, WalMart, Michael’s and fast food to support survivors and their children as they endure the challenges of this quarantine period.  If you would like to contribute to the organizations below, please email a gift card to, who will distribute them to service providers. Or you can send directly to the organizations listed below.   

If you would like to know more about Churches Against Trafficking and how you can get involved, head to our website: