A Leap of Faith: From Pasadena to Point Loma

Pasadena College Campus In Color

A Story to be Celebrated                                                                                                                    

This year, PLNU is honoring the legacy and journey of the many people who helped shape the foundation of our university amidst many transitions. 

Moving a university 136 miles across Southern California proved to be no easy feat. From moving a library, rebuilding the Prescott Prayer Chapel, renovating campus buildings, creating new church communities, caring for students, and many more challenges, the move resulted in a community of resilience and reliance on each other. 

Throughout the journey, there was one consistent factor keeping the community together — a spirit of collaboration and faithfulness to the mission of this university.

Today, this same spirit guides the future of PLNU, as we continue to respond to God’s will and the mission of this special place.

Moving Stories

From Pasadena to San Diego

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Moving Stories Video

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Share Your Story

In honor of this 50 year anniversary celebration, we are collecting stories from those in our community who were involved in or impacted by the move. We would love to hear from you!