Opening of the new Prescott Prayer Chapel

A large group tours the Prescott Prayer Chapel during its grand opening.

PLNU hosted a formal dedication ceremony of the Lyle and Grace Prescott Memorial Prayer Chapel on Tuesday, May 1st. This much-anticipated building replaces the university's 50-year-old facility, serving as a new, peaceful setting for prayer and spiritual reflection. 

"The prayer chapel design for PLNU evolved from two inspirations: its serene natural setting, and the spiritual significance of prayerful ambiance. The entry portico plays with scale, compressing the user then expanding their experience upon entry to accentuate the power of the Cross placed mid-space. Upon entry, the space opens to enhance one's sense of arrival in an 18' tall prayer volume, expressed in concrete, and glass with wood features where human hands engaged the space. Overhead, a light filigree of mixed woods ascends in the space – a gesture evoking Christ's spirit, and his crown of thorns. This filigree also acts as a gentle filter for natural daylight. Select wood materials enhance the theme of human embrace, while the concrete vessel conveys a sense of earthly presence, strength, and permanence. Though small in footprint, the space offers an experience commensurate with the power of prayer. Three personal prayer niches are arranged radially from the Cross centered in the volume, offering individual privacy while allowing natural daylight to penetrate. The power of three is evoked throughout the design, as homage to the Holy Trinity." 

Gordon Carrier, Design Principal, FAIA, NCARB


Prescott Prayer Chapel

Opening and Dedication

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Prescott Prayer Chapel

This news article was originally published on Carrier Johnson + Culture.