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Overview of Recent Work

Summary of Work

Listening to Their Voices: Understanding the Homelessness Journey

Commissioned by the San Diego Housing Commission this study investigated the underlying structural predictors in a person's background that cause him or her to become homeless when confronted with some kind of misfortune. Additionally, the report offered solutions to prevent people from initially becoming homeless.  

The Impact of the Proposed Soar Initiative on the City of Oceanside (June 2018)

Commissioned by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce this study analyzed the economic and fiscal impacts of an initiative that would require a public vote for any proposal to alter the use of land currently zoned for agriculture. It also investigated the implications for housing, agriculture, agritourism, infrastructure investment, and income inequality.

Ending the Taxation of Military Pay in California: An Analysis of the Costs and Benefits (May 2018)

Commissioned by the San Diego Military Advisory Council this study analyzed the economic impact of ending the state taxation of military retirement in California. It studied the effects on population numbers, spending patterns, and revenues for both the state and local governments.

San Diego Military Economic Impact Study (2017)

Commissioned by San Diego Military Advisory Council these annual studies have analyzed the economic impacts of defense-related spending through all of its channels, including personnel stationed here, contract spending, tourism, and payments to Veterans and retirees.

Analytical Review of the Feasibility Study for a Community Choice Aggregation Program (CCA) in the City of San Diego (2017)

Commissioned by Sempra Services FBEI provided an independent review of the CCA Feasibility Study conducted for the City of San Diego to determine if the report’s conclusions were based on data, assumptions, methodology, and analysis that were defensible.

78 & Jefferson Medical Office Economic and Community Benefit Report (2017)

Commissioned by Scripps Health FBEI investigated the potential impact of the proposal by Scripps Health to build a medical office at 78 and Jefferson in the City of Oceanside. The study assessed the economic effects, City revenue implications, and socio-economic impacts of developing the site as a medical facility versus two other retail/commercial alternative use of the property.


Additional Work

  • FBEI provided the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation with consulting, data, and analysis to develop its model and Data Visualization Web Tool for defense contracting in the San Diego region.
  • FBEI completed 12 survey tabulations and analyses for the National Association of Business Economics (NABE), including surveys on business conditions, the economic outlook, policies, and compensation. 
  • FBEI hosted a Chinese delegation from Jilin University, with meetings attended by PLNU faculty members from biology, physics, and chemistry.  FBEI signed a collaborative agreement in the field of biomimicry with Jilin University and will be visiting China to meet with its team in September.
  • FBEI continued its long-term contract with the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) in analyzing its data, modeling its industry, forecasting its growth, and making presentations at both the summer and annual meeting.
  • FBEI researched and completed an article on Bitcoins for PLNU’s Viewpoint Magazine