PLNU Celebrates Milestone with First-Ever Physician Assistant Graduates

PA student Commencement

PLNU’s PA program, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern healthcare, equips students with comprehensive skills essential for effective patient care. The program's design, which focuses on a holistic and rigorous approach to medical education, enables graduates to enter various medical fields confidently.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these new graduates, who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and resilience. Not only are they trained to deliver healthcare services, but they do so in a professional and compassionate manner, embodying the very essence of patient-centered care. Their readiness to contribute to healthcare, particularly in areas of patient diagnostics, care management, and treatment, is commendable.

Many of these graduates, having already secured positions in healthcare facilities, are set to make immediate positive impacts in their respective roles. Their quick transition from students to healthcare providers underlines the success and effectiveness of PLNU’s PA program.

The university acknowledges the vital role played by its faculty and staff in nurturing these students. Their unwavering support and guidance have been key to the successful launch and execution of this program.

We invite our community and prospective students to learn more about the transformative journey of our PA students and the program itself by visiting the PLNU website. This graduation marks not just the end of an academic journey but the beginning of a new chapter in healthcare, with PLNU graduates at the forefront of patient care and medical advancement.

Students stand to take The Declaration of Geneva
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DR. Dana Sayre-Stanhope Addresses Students on Stage
Phots by Kevin McIlwaine with Modern Form Photography