Special Olympics 2017

Athletes march in the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics at the PLNU track and field in San Diego

The PLNU Special Olympics Leadership Team made up of Faculty, Staff and Students organized and executed a successful event. There were 200 PLNU buddies for 254 athletes and 920+ in attendance.

The food was served by the PLNU Women's Soccer and Volleyball teams. Phi Upsilon Omicron operated the Arts and Crafts tables. The PLNU Student Dietetics Association and Kinesiology club facilitated health booths. The Surf, Rugby, and Men's Basketball teams were also very supportive. PLNU is honored to host this track and field event every year for Special Olympics.

Newscaster interviewing students for Special Olympics

Local News Coverage of Special Olympics 2017

Be inspired by athletes living with intellectual disabilities as they showcase their determination, courage, and skills in six track & field events including Running Long Jump, Standing Long Jump, Softball Throw, Shot Put, Running and Wheelchair Races.